'Bringing Up Bates' Celebrates Season 9 with New Opener — and It Might Look Familiar!

Season 9 of the hit UPtv show is set to premiere in March

The Bates family is taking things back to the beginning.

In celebration of the upcoming Bringing Up Bates season 9 premiere, the family filmed a new opener for the hit UPtv show — and PEOPLE has the first look.

Inspired by the original title reel from season 1, each member of the Bates family is introduced as they jump and flip into the camera frame in pairs.

And eight seasons later, the glow-up and the grow-up is certainly real! The new opener is also set to the original music.

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Fans of the docuseries about the growing family won’t have to wait long to tune in to their latest adventures: Season 9 is set to premiere on March 5.

Season 9 will follow the birth of several new family members. Zach and Whitney Bates, who experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage last summer, welcome a baby girl. Newlyweds Josie Bates and Kelton Balka also welcome their first child, while Erin Bates and Chad Paine begin making room for baby number four.

Whitney and Zach Bates
Taryn Yager

Meanwhile, Katie takes a big step in her relationship by introducing her boyfriend to the family, and Trace finds himself crushing on someone new.

But before the season premiere, UPtv will air a special “I love you day” episode of Bringing Up Bates on Feb. 13.

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