Bringing Up Bates Will Return in July — See How the Family Deals with Coronavirus

While there is plenty to celebrate, the family faces new hardships in the second part of season 9

Bringing Up Bates fans won't have too long to wait until they are reunited with their favorite ever-growing family.

With the mid-season finale of Bringing up Bates set to air on Thursday, UPtv has announced that the second half of season 9 will return on July 23 — and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at what's to come.

And of course, the family is expanding. The second half of season 9 will follow the birth of Carlin Bates and her husband Evan Stewart's first child, while Tori Bates and her husband Bobby Smith are expecting their second baby.

"Maybe we should talk to Dr. Vick," Carlin says in the trailer.

And while she is seen breaking down in tears and admitting that she's "panicking," her mom Kelly Jo Bates assures her that everything is going to fine.

"The baby is safe, there's nothing to worry about," she says.

The season also sees Lawson Bates return after spending several months abroad.

"Lawson is coming home!" Kelly Jo says. "He has been in the Philippines for three months."

Bringing Up Bates

But while there is plenty to celebrate, the family also faces new hardships. The new episodes will address how the Bates adjusted as Tennessee locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"The governor has extended the stay at home order," says Erin Bates while on a video call.

"It's not even the same going into the boutique without you guys being here," adds Whitney Bates.

The second half of the season will feature 13 new episodes with an hour-long premiere.

The mid-season finale of Bringing Up Bates airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on UPtv. The mid-season premiere airs July 23 at 9 p.m. ET on UPtv.

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