By People Staff
Updated June 04, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Globe

After a successful stint in rehab last year, Brigitte Nielsen is now focusing on a much-needed makeover.

The 6-ft.-plus Danish-born celebrity is planning on getting reworked from head to toe. “I’m doing a complete overhaul, a basic renovation, facelift, eyelift, facial fat injections with my own fat, liposuction and I need new teeth,” the 45-year-old former wife of Sylvester Stallone tells the Berlin-based magazine B.Z. “It really is as if a horde of craftsmen are getting an old house in top shape.”

And Nielsen is having her this “old house” makeover on TV, saying she’s having work done so publicly because “the secretiveness in Hollywood is annoying. I know that I’m the first celebrity woman in the world who’ll be filmed in the operating room without any taboos…I’m sure this will start a discussion. It’s time that things change. I feel like 30 and I want to look it, too.”

By doing so, that’ll put her closer to the age of her fifth husband, Mattia Dessi. Nielsen married the former Italian model, who is 30, in 2005 — and again in 2006.

German broadcaster RTL will show three episodes of Turning Something Old Into Something New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Beauty Clinic in July. –Karen Nickel Anhalt