'Don't Be Tardy' 's Brielle Biermann: Why She's Delaying Moving in with Boyfriend Michael Kopech

"If he proposed to me tomorrow, I'd say yes," Brielle Biermann said about boyfriend Michael Kopech

Brielle Biermann has found her person.

Though the eldest daughter of Don’t Be Tardy and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn’t yet ready to walk down the aisle, she knows the person she wants to spend forever with: her boyfriend of more than a year, Michael Kopech.

“If he proposed to me tomorrow, I’d say yes,” Brielle, 20, told TooFab.com about 21-year-old Kopech, a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Biermann and Kopech began dating in 2016 after an acquaintance, who also plays baseball, introduced them. Kopech then reached out to her on Twitter, and they began dating shortly after. In May, the pair celebrated their one-year dating anniversary with love-filled social media posts.

brielle biermann
Source: Brielle Biermann/Instagram

“1 year and i swear i couldn’t love you more than i do right now yet i know i will tomorrow.. and every day til i die,” wrote Breielle. “I love you michael. happy anniversary💛.”

“1 year later and my jaw is still sore from smiling. I love you, Brielle 💘#1ofmany,” Kopech captioned a snap of the couple.

Although the pair has discussed moving in together, Brielle, who lives at her parents’ home, said she’s looking to live alone for at least six months — most likely when she turns 21 in February — before sharing a place with the baseball player.

“Me and Michael have both agreed that it would be best for me to live on my own for six months to a year to gain some independence and figure out the world on my own,” she told TooFab.com. “I don’t ever want to have to depend on a man, so I want to learn to do things on my own and support myself before I go from living in my parents house to living with a man.”

“Michael’s an athlete. He already has his career figured out, and he knows what he’s doing,” she continued. “I’m only 20 years old. There’s all this pressure on me to go to college or to get a job, and I don’t think people really understand that I’m different.”

Said Brielle: “I love being home, and I love being with my siblings and my family.”

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Looking to the future, Brielle, who also stars on Don’t Be Tardy with her mom and family, is open to one day appearing on the Real Housewives if the opportunity arises.

“I actually tweeted Andy Cohen a little while ago,” she said about the franchise’s executive producer. “I said we should start up a ‘Real Housewives of Chicago’ because if Michael gets to the Major Leagues this year — I mean, we’re not married, but I’m sure in a couple years, if Andy Cohen wants to start that franchise up, I’ll be down. He can give me a call.”

Don’t Be Tardy airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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