In addition to having two Chanel bags taken from her vehicle, three of Brielle Biermann's credit cards were stolen — and were charged for over $4,700

One day after Kim Zolciak-Biermann spoke out on social media about an alleged theft at her property, police confirmed several items were stolen from her 21-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann’s car.

According to a police report obtained by The Blast, in addition to having two Chanel bags stolen from her vehicle, three of Brielle’s credit cards were taken — and charged for over $4,700.

Brielle told the cops that at the time of the break in, her car had been unlocked, and that a Chanel purse, (valued at $2,900), a Chanel wallet (valued at $1,000), three driver’s licenses (belonging to her, her younger sister Ariana and her mother) and three of her credit cards had been stolen, according to the investigation report.

Captain C.S. Barstow of the Milton Police Department had previously confirmed to PEOPLE that officers responded to a call of a car break-in at Kim’s home in Georgia on Wednesday morning.

The 21-year-old went on to tell the police that although all three of the cards had since been canceled, she had not been able to prevent a series of fraudulent purchases from being made on one of the cards. According to the report, the charges, which totaled $4,708.55, were made at a gas station, an Applebee’s and Bloomingdales.

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According to the police report, cops responded to the incident after receiving a call from Kim’s husband Kroy Biermann on Wednesday morning, informing them that his daughter’s car had been broken into the previous evening.

Kroy also told the police that “he had the possible suspects on video,” and although cops were unable to identity the suspects from the footage, they did see the suspects enter and leave “what appeared to be a white Porsche sport utility vehicle,” which Kim and her husband told the cops “has been associated with a recent vehicle theft in the neighborhood.”

Additionally, Brielle’s car was dusted for fingerprints, although according to the police report, “no usable prints were found.”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star tweeted about having footage of the incident on camera on Wednesday morning.

“Hey you loser we got your a— on camera stealing our s—! You are a dumb f—!!” she wrote.


According to the police report, cops are continuing to investigate the theft.