Brie Bella Admits She 'Could Be Happier' in Her Marriage to Daniel Bryan

"We are kind of growing apart, we aren't growing together," Brie Bella says

Brie Bella is facing some new challenges in her marriage.

In a sneak peek at Thursday's Total Bellas, Brie admits she's feeling distant from her husband Daniel Bryan after their differing schedules have forced them to spend time apart over the past few years.

"We don't have a lot of time together as a couple," she tells her twin sister Nikki Bella. "At times we feel like single parents. When he comes back in time, I leave. We are kind of growing apart, we aren't growing together."

Both professional wrestlers, Brie and Bryan — whose real name is Bryan Danielson — got engaged in 2013 after almost three years of dating and tied the knot a year later. They share 3-year-old daughter Birdie.

"I think the one thing we've really lost is when you just spend that time together," she says. "The quiet time."

Brie Bella family
Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan and daughter Birdie. Brie Bella/Instagram

When Nikki asks her sister if she's happy, Brie admits that everything isn't as perfect as it may seem.

"I know I could be happier, I know I could have a better marriage," she says. "I feel like he wishes I was still that girl he met eight years ago."

"In the last eight years, Bryan and I have just wanted different things than we wanted together in the beginning," she says. "I feel like we really have to come up with some compromises."

To help work on their marriage, Brie says her husband planned an upcoming trip for just the two of them.

Brie Bella

"If I want my marriage to work, I have to go into Sedona so honest," she says. "I can't come back to Phoenix with any regrets."

As fans know, Brie is currently expecting her second child with Bryan.

The pregnancy came as a surprise for Brie, who previously told PEOPLE she was experiencing fertility issues, struggling for “seven or eight months” to conceive.

“I felt in my heart it was a sign from God, like, ‘You guys are good with one,’ so we stopped trying,” Brie said before explaining that she was “shocked” when she learned the news.

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