The cast will return to production this spring to film a second season with Lord Anthony Bridgerton's "romantic activities" dominating "the social season"
Bridgerton / Kathryn Drysdale / Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey and Kathryn Drysdale
| Credit: Courtesy of Kathryn Drysdale

This lord is ready to find his lady.

On Thursday morning, Netflix officially announced their smash hit Bridgerton will return for a second season — and Lord Anthony Bridgerton's love story will be front and center.

"This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season," Lady Whistledown revealed in her latest column. "I will have my pen ready to report on any and all of his romantic activities."

As expected, the network is keeping further details scarce — but fans of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton book series know that the second novel centers around Anthony Bridgerton's romance with Kate Sheffield, who happens to be the older sister of his "incomparable" fiancée, Edwina.

"Over here [in the U.K.], Jonathan Bailey is an award-winning actor. He's won the Olivier award. He's just extraordinary and will bring so much to his story," actress Kathryn Drysdale, whose character Genevieve Delacroix has a dalliance with Lord Anthony's younger brother, Benedict, tells PEOPLE about her cast mate. "He's going to be mega, and I can't wait."

Bridgerton season 2 announcement
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While fans have their fingers crossed that Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor will also return for the second season, Drysdale says there will be no shortage of sexual tension either way.

"He's handsome! I've seen his muscles. He's a very, very, very attractive man and I think people will be very pleased," says the actress, 39, who also stars as Meghan Markle on The Windsors.

Should her mysterious character Madame Delacroix return as well, Drysdale — who adds that she is similarly in the dark about which characters will be returning — says she would love to see more of life "outside of the confines of Mayfair."

Bridgerton / Kathryn Drysdale
Kathryn Drysdale on set
| Credit: Courtesy of Kathryn Drysdale

"[Our executive producer] Chris Van Dusen said it was really important when he was doing the series to show that this is about a world. If there's life beyond the first series, I'm hoping we get to explore that more because that particular side of society of the Regency period was quite fascinating," she says. "It's what brought so much art and literature. You had Lord Byron, who was your sort of pin-up role model at the time, and he was a free thinker and a liberal. It's similar in a sense to Benedict [Bridgerton]. He was a Lord, but he also wanted to be part of the demimonde world."

In their early days of shooting, Drysdale says the cast bonded quickly during rehearsals, which included plenty of dancing and etiquette lessons.

"There would be a historian who would come in and just give people some background, and some people had horse-riding sessions," she says. "Regé and Phoebe were in every day and they had their heads down, but if time allowed they would join for supper or things like that. It helps when you're on location because you have dinner night with your cast members."

With the series becoming a smash hit amid a raging pandemic, Drysdale says she and the other actors have done their best to stay close even while separated physically.

"There's a WhatsApp group for the Bridgerton cast and we share things like the memes that have been going around that we find funny, or these amazing TikTok Bridgerton musicals," she says. "It's a lot of fun!"