November 06, 2013 11:10 AM

If you thought Aaron Paul lost it over magnets, wait until you see his reaction to a magic trick by illusionist David Blaine.

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Paul join Blaine for his upcoming special, David Blaine: Real or Magic (airing on ABC Nov. 19) and Blaine surprises the duo with quite the card trick.

In the clip, Blaine asks Paul to shuffle a deck of cards.

After spreading out the deck, the trio realizes the cards are “almost like a flush,” says Blaine. “Not quite though,” says Cranston.

“You know what? What’s that game it’s like poker but it’s on a bill?” Blaine asks.

“Liar’s poker, you play with the serial numbers on the [dollar] bill,” Cranston answers.

“Where’s that bill you signed before this began?” Blaine asks Cranston.

“You’ve never seen this before I pulled it out of my pocket,” Cranston says.

Surprisingly the numbers on the bill match those face up in the deck of cards.

“What!!?” Paul says. “Wow, wow, wow! Holy s–t. I shuffled that!”

Even Paul’s wife, Lauren Parsekian, is equally as shocked.

“This is like one of those moments, where I feel like I watch magic on TV, I’m like everyone’s in on it, for sure. No one is in on it! This is f–ing crazy!” Parsekian says.

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