August 09, 2013 12:05 PM

As Jesse Pinkman might say, “Meth-od acting, b––––!”

To celebrate YouTube’s Geek Week, Internet duo Rhett and Link created a “middle school musical” to recap the first five seasons of Breaking Bad, which returns to AMC Aug. 11.

They’re all there – a hooded Jesse (Logan Prince, yo), a pregnant Skyler (Delaney Joy) – even chicken entrepreneur/drug lord-with-half-his-face Gus (Kyle Villalovos) – singing with sweet-faced sincerity how Walt “has cancer and he’s breaking bad.”

In this wonderfully inappropriate and sure-to-offend someone incarnation, however, Walt (Logan Gould) and Jesse are making “rock candy” instead of meth.

Watch Walt transform from mild-mannered teacher to drug lord – or as Gould sings, “I used to be Kenny G now I’m hard rock.” At least, do it for the singing and dancing bag of blue meth – er, candy.

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