Cynthia Bailey Is Happy to Date (but Not Marry) Post-Split from Mike Hill: 'If Some Great Guy Comes Along'

"I'm not closed to meeting guys," Bailey tells PEOPLE exclusively at BravoCon 2022 only days after announcing the end of her marriage to Mike Hill

After announcing last week she's divorcing Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey is looking forward to moving on and meeting Mr. Right — even if he's just Mr. Right now.

"If some great guy comes along, then I'm not closed to meeting guys," the 55-year-old told PEOPLE exclusively over the weekend during BravoCon 2022. "I'm not ready to start dating dating. I would say I need a pause with the dating for a second."

Cynthia Bailey attends Spare Me! Real Talk For Compassionate Care Of Black Women With Uterine Fibroids panel
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The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and the sports commentator became an item after being introduced by mutual friend Steve Harvey while taping an episode of his talk show in 2018. The two got engaged during the summer of 2019 and tied the knot during a televised wedding in November 2020 in Atlanta.

After seemingly being absent from one another's social media for months, the couple confirmed they were splitting in a joint statement earlier this month.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Confirm Divorce
Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill. Nick Roses

While their union was short lived, Bailey is in no rush for anything serious.

"I would say I need a pause with the dating for a second, because I'm really still processing a lot of everything," she shares. "Privately is one thing, publicly, it's new. So for me, I'm just enjoying moving forward and whatever that looks like in my career, in my personal life. But obviously if I meet some amazing guy, am I available for a coffee? Absolutely."

The twice-married Real Housewives Ultimate Girl's Trip alum (who was previously married to Peter Thomas for seven years) isn't so sure how she feels about tying the knot a third time.

"Now I don't know if that [love] looks like a marriage again," she told PEOPLE a day after announcing her split. "I don't know what it looks like — and to be honest, I can't try to plan for it because it'll come when it comes. So right now, the love I'm leaning into is self-love. I'm focused on myself and my heart and my career and all the things I want to do. The rest will come."

Cynthia Bailey:
Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia Bailey/instagram

"I think about that a lot," she adds. "And I don't want to shut it down, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. I'm a Pisces. I'm all about love. I'm always going to be on that quest for love, whatever that looks like. If it looks like a marriage, then maybe I'll do it one more time. I don't know, but either way, I pray that I find love."

Not only is she taking time to focus on her career to keep her mind off of things, she's leaning on daughter Noelle Robinson for support.

Cynthia Bailey and Noelle Robinson
Paras Griffin/Getty Images.

"I love that I've had time since I left Housewives," the mother of one shares. "Although I've been super busy with my acting career, to really spend more time with Noelle. I've always been so super focused on my career for so much of my life and so much of her life. Now she's 21, we can go to a club together, we can go to the bar together, so it's a different dynamic of our relationship, and I'm glad at this point in her life I have a little bit more time to really be a mom as well, with everything else that I have going on."

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As she moves on to the next chapter, Bailey admits that, despite the end of her marriage to Hill, she's grateful: "Life is good."

"Life is precious and when you get to be a certain age, you just don't want to settle for anything other than happiness," she notes. "I'm 55 and I, God willing, have 25 more summers left in my life. When you break it down like that, it gets really real and you realize that happiness is all there is at the end of the day. There's no in between. So I'm going to keep choosing happiness because the clock is ticking. I got one life, and I plan on enjoying every single moment of it."

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