'Pretty Little Liars' Star Brant Daugherty Dishes on Wedding Plans with Fiancée Kimberly Hidalgo

The Pretty Little Liars star is looking forward to his wedding day with Hidalgo

Pretty Little Liars star Brant Daugherty is ready to wed.

Thanks to his fiancée, actress Kimberly Hidalgo, the couple — who got engaged on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam — are “pretty far” into wedding plans.

“She’s so organized, which is the greatest thing in the world,” the actor told Glitterbomb hosts Patrick Gomez, Alexander Rodriguez and Enrique Sapene on the premiere episode of the new talk show, airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on LaTV.

“The night we got engaged, she was already putting guests lists together. We literally got engaged, went and had a drink [and] a nice dinner,” says Daugherty. “We came back to the hotel … and she was like, putting a guest list on my computer! She’s got the whole thing pretty much planned out.”

Brant Daugherty/Instagram

Though there are still a “few things left to tie up in a bow” when it comes to their big day, the couple are also happily narrowing down potential honeymoon spots.

With shooting and work schedules that often keep the entertainers apart, the future spouses have figured out how to keep their relationship strong in Hollywood.

“He’s really good about keeping up with me while he’s on set,” says Hidalgo. “He’ll text me at lunch, ‘Just thinking of you.’ It’s very, very sweet. I’ve never had that where someone’s so attentive. That helps a lot when he’s away to just know he’s thinking of me.”

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