Brandi Redmond was brought to tears on Wednesday's Real Housewives of Dallas as pal Stephanie Hollman checked in on how she's been managing life with a new infant  at home

Brandi Redmond was brought to tears on Wednesday’s Real Housewives of Dallas as pal Stephanie Hollman checked in on how she’s been managing life with a new infant at home.

“I feel like she’s not taking care of herself,” Hollman told audiences. “She hasn’t been sleeping, she has a crying baby all day long, and I think she’s just drowning in her life.”

It certainly has been a busy few months for Brandi. In January, she and husband Bryan Redmond adopted son Bruin Charles. The baby boy joined big sisters Brinkley, 6, and Brooklyn, 9.

Bruin was a surprise even for Brandi, who told PEOPLE she had struggled with fertility issues and had given up on her dream of expanding her family. But a chance call former social worker Hollman received from a colleague brought Bruin to Brandi’s doorstep. And within days, she had adopted the boy.

Brandi Redmond with husband Bryan, son Bruin, and daughters Brooklyn and Brinkley

Adjusting to that is one thing, but doing it without Bryan — who has been traveling for work a lot — is another. And though Brandi has had the help of her her mother, balancing caring for the child with the already high demands that come from parenting her two daughters — plus the stresses of launching her own clothing line, Brandi Land, and filming RHOD — had put her over the edge.

“I’m honestly worried about you,” Hollman told her, in a candid one-on-one. “You try to do it all and that’s the thing I respect most about you, but I also worry about you because you’re going to crash and burn, Brandi.”

“You’re not sleeping,” Hollman added. “Bryan works a full-time job so you’re trying to be a bad-ass wife. Sometimes I feel like you feel guilty if you ask for help or get help.”

Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond
| Credit: Stephanie Hollman/Instagram

Hollman, who is a mother to two boys herself, said that she remembers how tough it was to have care for an infant. “They say you forget about how hard the baby stage is, but I never did,” she told Brandi. It was so hard.”

“I remember Chance was so young, I remember him crying and I would literally hold him and cry with him because I was so tired and exhausted,” she admitted. “I feel like sometimes you don’t allow yourself to feel those things because you feel like you have to be so strong for everybody [like] your kids and your husband.”

In the end, Hollman just wanted Brandi to know she didn’t have to go it all by herself.

“It’s okay to ask for help, too,” she said. “You’re not alone. There are a ton of people around that love you and want to support you.”

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After hearing about Hollman’s support, Brandi broke down in tears.

“I’m so focused on Bruin and making sure this adoption goes smoothly,” she said. “I feel like I’m neglecting my girls and I’m neglecting Bryan. It’s a lot of pressure.”

In August, Brandi opened up to PEOPLE about her parenting style.

I do not consider myself a strict parent. I probably should be a little bit stricter,” she said. “People are saying to me all the time, ‘Get control of your children.’ But I will say they might not be the best for me, but they are amazing children for their teachers and for others.”

Brandi continued, “I just let them be children.”

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