Brandi Redmond Turns on Friend LeeAnne Locken in 'RHOD' Finale: 'You Are So Delusional with Your Own Lies'

Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken's unlikely friendship fell apart on Monday's Real Housewives of Dallas season 2 finale

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Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken‘s unlikely friendship fell apart on Monday’s Real Housewives of Dallas season 2 finale, when Redmond accused Locken of manipulating her and trying to come between her and friends Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber.

“You said that you wanted nothing more than for them to be friends with me and for us to make up, when the truth be told, you told me that you did not want that for me,” Redmond snapped at Locken during a cast brunch in celebration of Locken’s engagement.

“You said that they were not my friends,” Redmond added. “This is what I think you do. It’s almost like you fester off of the negativity that goes on in our lives and then you step in on our weak moments and then you use it against them. You got off on the fact that Stephanie and I were not friends. … It’s all a bunch of bulls—. You say that honesty and truth is the most important thing to you ,when it’s not.”

Locken was stunned by the accusations. “I never said that,” Locken claimed. “I said I hope you make up with her if that’s what you want! I never said I did not want you to be friends.”

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But Locken didn’t have a chance to get through to Redmond, mainly because Redmond — during an intervention staged by Hollman and Dueber earlier in the episode — had already made up her mind that she was done with their friendship.

“I don’t trust anything that girl says because she makes so much f——- s—- up,” Hollman told Redmond. “You have to be careful. Honestly, as your friend, you have to be careful. … She’s manipulative, and I’ve seen her try to create riffs between our friendship. I feel like I need to choose people. It’s not healthy, and it’s not normal, and I just think you’re too good for that.”

“Brandi needs to see reality for what it is,” Deuber told viewers. “Her friendship with LeeAnne isn’t a positive influence in her life, and I think Brandi might be realizing that.”

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In order to help Redmond see “reality,” Deuber claimed that she was tricked into saying she couldn’t be friends with Redmond and Hollman in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, after Locken had first said “they ruin our reputation.”

“LeeAnne was talking and saying, ‘Well those girls will never be able to have friends and be in the charity world,’ ” Deuber told Redmond. “And then right after I said it, I looked at [LeeAnne] and I saw a smirk and I thought, ‘Oh my god. She got me. She f—— got me.’ She’s good. And I fell for it so, shame on me.”

Armed with that information, it was no wonder Redmond later took Locken’s jokes as threats when the two discussed their friendship.

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“You’re the most forgiving, you’re the most tender, and I’m really glad that we are where we are,” Locken had told Redmond. “If you ever think that something I did hurt you I want you to call me because I would never. So don’t f— me over, or I will slit your little throat. I’ve taken my heart and I have given it to you. I give it to very few people.”

Redmond was cautious. “I know she’s joking, but part of it I know is a threat. If I cross her, she will come after me. I’ve seen her do it to Stephanie and Cary,” Redmond told viewers. “It really just rubbed me the wrong way. … Who makes a joke about trying to harm someone? Why continue to hang out with someone that manipulates you, hurts you, betrays you and leaves you feeling like a s—– person?”

All came to a head at the cast brunch, with Locken’s head spinning as Redmond turned on her.

“I am 100 percent honest about what I said,” LeeAnne fought back. “I swear on my grandmother’s bible, which I’m happy to drive to my home and get [that I didn’t say it]. I think you’re misremembering things.”

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Her pleas didn’t have an open ear with Redmond.

“You know what LeeAnne, you are so delusional with your own lies. And you live off of the things that go wrong in our lives,” Redmond yelled. “You pick us up to be there, but then you shut the rest of us down. You’re a f—— liar, you’re a bitch, and you know what — you’re going to kill [Cary] and you’re going to kill Marie and you’re going to slit my throat if I go behind your back. So f— you and good luck with your wedding.”

Storming off from the table, Redmond left Locken in tears. “That is so heartbreaking,” she said. “I didn’t do anything. I did not do anything that she said I did.”

Looks like the two will have a lot to discuss at the reunion.

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