'RHOD's' Brandi Redmond Denies Being an Alcoholic Despite Drinking to 'Numb' Pain of Marital Troubles

Brandi Redmond has denied claims that she's an alcoholic, though admits to turning to the substance to help her get through some of her darker moments

The Real Housewives of Dallas - Season 3
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Brandi Redmond has denied claims that she’s an alcoholic, though admits to turning to liquor to help her get through some of her darker moments.

On Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of Dallas, the reality star, 40, opened up about her experience with alcohol while confronting fellow castmate LeeAnne Locken during their trip to Copenhagen.

In previous episodes, Locken had questioned Brandi’s drinking, telling fellow Housewives Cary Deuber and Kameron Westcott that Brandi is “an alcoholic.”

Locken didn’t recall using that phrase on Wednesday’s episode, though did say that she had concerns. “The only time that I’ve seen you other than this trip, you have been drinking,” Locken said. “It does not mean that you’re an alcoholic”

The comment caused Brandi to tear up, emotions caused by a combination of two things.

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On one hand, there was concern that the accusation might affect her adoption of baby boy Bruin — which at that time, was still pending. “Let me tell you how bad that hurts me, because I want you to understand me. My adoption is not final and by you saying something and insinuating something like that, you could hurt me. It is not okay,” she told Locken.

On the other hand, Brandi said she recognized that some of Locken’s concerns hit home — especially when she looked back at how she handled some of her marital problems with husband Bryan Redmond — with whom she also shares daughters Brooklyn, 9, and Brinkley, 6.

“This is very hard for me to say,” she admitted. “I was never an alcoholic but when Bryan and I were at our lowest point, I was drinking a bottle of wine a night just to numb myself through it. You saying that triggers all the worst things that were going on.”

“After I had both girls, Bryan was traveling a lot with work. It just got harder and harder,” Brandi confessed to audiences. “I just, I closed myself off and resorted to drinking wine.”

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Following her tearful confession, Brandi received support from the rest of her RHOD castmates, especially best friend Stephanie Hollman.

“Brandi, no one sitting here thinks you’re an alcoholic,” Hollman said for the group.

Even Locken offered her support. “I truly apologize,” she said, of labeling Brandi an alcoholic. “I did not know. I’m sorry, and I don’t think you are. I’m sorry if I said that in a moment of anger. I truly am sorry.”

Still, that didn’t stop Locken from throwing out another label in her confessional.

“I don’t think Brandi is sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic,” Locken said of her longtime foe. “I think alcoholics are sophisticated because they can hide their alcoholism. I think Brandi’s just a drunk.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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