Brandi Glanville Tells Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers She Wants 'to Be a Throuple' with Them

In a teaser of next week's episode, Brandi Glanville warns the cast about Denise Richards: "She's not who she pretends to be"

Brandi Glanville is back in Beverly Hills — and it appears there will be no shortage of drama with her return.

On Wednesday's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi made her season 10 debut at Kyle Richards' Black and White Gala, which was attended by both the current cast and previous diamond-holding Housewives, including Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof and Eileen Davidson.

Upon entering the party, Brandi, 47, told Kyle she felt "a little nervous." Later in the night, she was seen giving a hug to Denise before the two sat side-by-side on a couch with the other Housewives during the gala's auction.

In a teaser of next week's episode of RHOBH, Brandi is seen slapping Denise's behind as she bends over behind a bar in Kyle's home during the gala.

"As much as you guys are codependent-ish and I like it —" Brandi says, before making a proposition to the Wild Things actress and her husband, Aaron Phypers.

"We're not codependent," Denise, 49, says with a smile.

"I want to be a throuple with you guys," Brandi tells Denise and Aaron.

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards with Aaron Phypers
Denise Richards, Brandi Glanville and Aaron Phypers. Getty Images (3)

Later in the teaser, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Kim Richards and Kyle are sitting with Brandi, who warns them about Denise.

"Denise wants to run from the truth," says Kyle, 51. "She has these feelings, but she doesn't want to say it."

"You guys need to be careful with her, because she's not who she pretends to be," says Brandi.

Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville.

For months, there have been rumors about an alleged affair between Brandi and Denise, which Denise has denied.

In an explosive supertease, shared exclusively with PEOPLE early last month, Brandi revealed her alleged affair with Denise.

"I f----- her, woke up the next morning [and] she said, 'Aaron can never know this. He'll kill me,' " Brandi told Kyle, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi, Lisa Rina and Erika Girardi at a sit-down dinner — seemingly before Denise's arrival.

The women appeared to be in shock following the reveal, with Kyle looking back at Brandi in horror. The Housewives later confront Denise about the alleged affair at a different gathering, to which she tearfully responded: "What the f---?"

"That is not true!" said Denise, who has been wed to Aaron since 2018. (Denise's rep has denied the alleged affair to PEOPLE.)

At the end of June, Brandi posted a photo on social media that appeared to show her and Denise kissing, further stirring the pot after she previously alleged that she slept with Denise.


Addressing allegations that she slept with Brandi, Denise said in a recent interview with The Talk that she knows "my truth," as does Aaron — and that the claims pale in comparison to rumors she's faced in the past.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers
Aaron Phypers and Denise Richards. Gregg DeGuire/Getty

"I love for things to play out on television instead of social media, but the stuff that’s been out there, I have been through it in the media with different claims being made," said Denise. "So for me, personally, this is like kindergarten. I’m, like, 'Well, whatever, we’ll just let it play out on the show.' It is what it is."

"People are always going to say stuff, and I know my truth, my husband does — it is what it is," she added. "I've had so much stuff said over the years about me and my family, and this is like nothing compared to some of the things that have been said."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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