"They have some solid chemistry," an insider tells PEOPLE
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Brandi Glanville is finding that a way to a man’s heart is through laughter.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is dating comedian Theo Von, PEOPLE confirms.

“It’s early on, but they seem to be getting along great and truly connecting with one another,” a source says of Glanville, 43, and the Last Comic Standing vet, 36.

The duo first sparked when she appeared on Von’s podcast, Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss. Glanville then invited Von to her own podcast, Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered, and they’ve been on a handful of dates since then, says the source.

“She loves his sense of humor,” says the insider, who notes the Von has yet to meet Glanville’s two sons with ex Eddie Cibrian.

Though Glanville has “never dated a comedian before,” says the source, “they have some solid chemistry.”

On Tuesday’s episode of the comedian’s podcast, Von told the hilarious story of one of their dates.

“I don’t know if I’m going to name names,” he said, before deciding to use a “fake” name: “Shmandi Shanville from the Shmeal Shmousewives show.”

“So the other night, I meet up with Shmandi,” Von said, laughing. “She comes to my comedy show and we’ve been kind of shmommunicating. I think she’s cute.”

The two then made plans to get dinner – but as it turned out, Von’s workout at the gym that day had left him feeling like he was about to “have a stroke.”

[I had this] seething pain in my chest, I was on antacids,” he explained. “And I had to go on a date with Shmandi Shmanville. On a shmate!”

“So I still have to meet up with her and I’m like, I can’t text her and be like, I’m having a stroke – I’m barely in to my 30s, she’s not going to believe that!” he said. “And I’m interested.”

He opted to go on the date despite feeling sick, but halfway through couldn’t bear it any longer.

“I sit down, I start talking to her, I’m trying to fight of this angina or whatever it is – it’s like my heart had to like, fart,” he said. “It’s just writhing in pain and I’m just like turning my neck. Finally I’m like: ‘I need to leave, I might be having a stroke.’ ”

Of course, Glanville assumed he was faking the illness to get out of the date.

“She’s like: ‘What are you talking about? If you want to go, just go! How about this, I’ll punch you right in the chest, I bet that’ll make it better,’ ” Von recalled.

“Anyway, finally, I put her in an Uber and sent her on her way. She was not shmappy,” Von said, laughing. “‘Cause I think she was down to shmuck. And I was too! I just was dying.”