'Famously Single' : Brandi Glanville Clashes with Aubrey O'Day and Somaya Reece, Who Calls Her 'Very Mediocre'

O'Day refers to her first meeting with Glanville as "probably the most painful 45 minutes that I've had in a long time"


It wasn’t love at first sight for Brandi Glanville and her Famously Single cast mates.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s premiere of the new E! series, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum instantly alienates a few of her housemates with her signature brassiness.

After Glanville mentions that she brought along sex toys for the two-week experience, former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Somaya Reece gives her snap judgment in an interview: “Brandi, she’s a real typical type of basic chick. She’s very mediocre.”

Dumblonde singer Aubrey O’Day adds in a separate interview: “I met Brandi about a month ago. It was probably the most painful 45 minutes that I’ve had in a long time. I had to, like, reduce my mind a lot to converse with her.”

Several cast members revealed at a recent party for the series that things will start off rocky and get even more heated as the show progresses.

“We didn’t quite mesh with her,” O’Day, 32, told PEOPLE at the event.

Explained Reece, 32: “We’re strong. We went head to head. The first episode is explosive.”

Glanville herself confirmed that she and Reece “almost got into a physical fight on day one” – though the former model, 43, is pointing a finger in another direction: “It was kind of Aubrey getting into everyone’s heads and manipulating and saying, ‘We don’t like Brandi.’ And I was like, ‘Is this Housewives again? This is so stupid,’ ” she said.

She continued, “Finally I was like, ‘You guys! No one’s getting voted off, we’re not on Survivor. No one’s winning a million dollars. We’re here for ourselves, stop!’ And it took a little while, but it did stop. And once it stopped, and all the walls came down, we all became really close.”

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The Bachelorette veteran Josh Murray, 31, noted, “When you live with eight people for a few weeks, there’s always going to be something, but at the end of the day it’s like one big family. Just like a normal family there are ups and downs and everything, there’s some craziness and sometimes there’s not, but in the end you come together and love each other,.”

O’Day agreed, “I can say at this point that I love every girl in this cast equally and I really have an appreciation for why everyone is the way that they are. In the house it took some time to develop an understanding for why people behave the way that they do. But now I feel very secure saying that I love every girl in this cast and I really believe everyone is a good person, and they sincerely have good intentions.”

Famously Single premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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