The Brady Bunch knows how to celebrate a birthday!

Credit: Maureen McCormick/Twitter

True Brady Bunch fans will appreciate this birthday tribute.

The famous big sister of the bunch, Maureen McCormick (aka, Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!), wished her TV brother, Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), a happy 61st birthday on Wednesday.

For the occasion, she shared a sweet photo of her TV sibling pretending to hit her in the face with a purple football. Knight, dressed in a grey and yellow baseball tee, smiles mischievously at the camera as McCormick, sporting a denim jumpsuit, feigns shock.

The 62-year-old actress tweeted, “It was his birthday, I had to make him happy” — alluding to a 1973 episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter threw a football at Marcia’s face, breaking her nose and prompting a jock to cancel his date with her.

She also tagged Knight and HGTV’s account, apparently because the moment was part of behind-the-scenes antics from the network’s new Brady Bunch-inspired show.

McCormick also shared a throwback photo of the pair in costume.

On Nov. 1, the six Brady siblings who starred in the beloved sitcom came together for the first time in 15 years to kick off A Very Brady Renovation, HGTV‘s show about overhauling the iconic house that served as the Brady home’s exterior from 1969 to 1974 to match its memorable sets on the inside. As part of the celebration, the cast announced their plans to participate in the redo, with each actor pairing up with designers from the network’s hit shows to restore the home inside and out. Renovation will premiere on HGTV in 2019.

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“You know when there are times in your life where everything comes together and it just feels like it was so meant to be and everything feels right? That’s how this feels,” McCormick told PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s so perfect.”

The TV star, who considered buying the home herself before HGTV placed the $3.5 million winning bid, will team up with Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott to tackle the home’s front facade, entryway and living room.

“In my heart, I am so fond of everything that this house represents,” McCormick said. “This is going to be an amazing year. They’ve taken the greatest HGTV stars who are all so nice. You can just see their hearts, which I love. They’re beautiful people and I think they’re going to do an amazing job on this. I can see that they really care.”