Before he moves into the Bachelor mansion, go inside Womack's home in Austin

By Suzanne Zuckerman and Monica Rizzo
Updated January 03, 2011 01:35 PM
Vivian Zink/ABC

On The Bachelor, which returns to ABC Monday at 8 p.m. ET, Brad Womack will move into a familiar Los Angeles mansion, where he’ll be greeted by 30 potential wives. But when he’s not starring on reality TV, the bar owner lives alone in a loft-style condo in downtown Austin, Texas.

“It’s one open room,” Womack, 38, tells PEOPLE. “So if I do have a woman in my life, we have to be really, really comfortable with each other.”

Good thing he’s now “very much in love”! Take a tour of Womack’s very own bachelor pad:

The Bedroom: The room features a white shag rug and framed photos of his nieces and nephew, whom he “couldn’t be crazier about.” Of his Matteo bedding from Wildflower Organics, Womack says, “I don’t know the thread count of the sheets, but I know I paid way too much money for them!” However, it was worth it: “I’m pretty proud to say I think a woman would be pretty impressed with the décor,” Womack says.

The Living Room: “The most romantic spot would have to be the couch,” says Womack of his sofa from Restoration Hardware. “I absolutely love to lay on the couch with a woman, snuggle underneath a blanket and watch a movie. I like nice, quiet, romantic evenings.” And how does he set the mood? “I do like candles,” he says. “[But] they have to smell somewhat masculine and woodsy.”

The Bar: As the owner of several Austin watering holes, “My favorite piece of my space is the bar,” says Womack, referring to the imported Indonesian piece from Four Hands Home. “But you know what’s so pathetic? I have the same bottles of liquor for three years. I’m not the guy who comes home and drinks.” And despite his stocked bar, Womack says he’s only thrown one party. “Any time I do have a woman over, which is rare, I’ll go out and buy a bottle of champagne,” he says. “God, I am a bachelor, aren’t I?”

The Kitchen: “I take immense pride in interior design,” says Womack, who had his kitchen custom built. Still, “I’m an awful cook.” In his fridge, he has 15 prepared meals from local heath food stores. ” ‘Freak’ might be the proper word [to describe me] when it comes to health and fitness. I eat as clean as can be – no sugar, no sodium, nothing.” But, he adds, “If a woman was in my life, she can eat what she wants. It’s just how I am.” Of course he’d love to marry a woman who can cook. “Please, for the love of God,” he says, “fill my refrigerator!”