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Updated September 10, 2008 12:00 AM

It was all about family on Tuesday’s episode of 90210 — and the drama that comes with it. New to the zip code that never met a dysfunctional family it didn’t like, Debbie Wilson (Lori Loughlin) started feeling tinges of empty nest syndrome, and decided to do what any Midwestern mom would do to bring her family together: go bowling.

Annie (Shenae Grimes) was forced to cancel her date with the too-perfect Ty for family night. And brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds) had to bail on his friends who were meeting up to watch an advanced screening of the next Bond movie. But the sneaky kids of West Beverly High had a plan. They decided to crash bowling night and rescue their friends. As dad David (Michael Steger) simply put it: peer pressure. No one can resist it.

Meanwhile, after dissing her cheating ex-boyfriend Ethan (Dustin Milligan) at her locker, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) prepared for a family event of her own — her annual Vegas weekend with her father. As she excitedly waited for her weekend to begin, her dad canceled because of a work commitment, but eased her disappointment with a brand new white Mercedes. Not bad.

Like clockwork, Navid, Ethan and Silver (Jessica Stroup) showed up at the Lucky Strike lanes to bowl with the Wilsons. Ty was late, which allowed Annie and Ethan to get their game on. While everyone celebrated family night, Naomi decided to surprise her hard-working father with sushi from Nobu. Surprise! She caught her dad kissing another woman. She decided to meet up with Ethan at the bowling alley because that’s where everyone goes after discovering a parent’s two-year affair. Ty eventually showed up, but left because he couldn’t wait while Annie checked on an emotionally-charged Naomi, who was driven home by Ethan. “They’re addicted to each other,” Silver said.

After the kids went home, Silver wished she had family night of her own. When Dixon discovered Silver sleeping in her car, Silver explained that her mother becomes Dr. Jekyll when she drinks and she would rather sleep anywhere but home. Dixon invited her inside and said he’s going to tell the principal. Silver freaked out, but Dixon calmed her down by saying he didn’t grow up with the Cosby’s and it was Mr. Wilson who saved him. Bravo! (Best scene of the night.)

The next day guidance counselor Kelly (Jennie Garth) confronted their drunk mother. “What is it these days, mom? Alcohol, or are you back on coke?” Just like old times. After reliving the glory days, Kelly grabbed her sister Silver so she can live with her and they can be a family of their own. — Elaine Aradillas

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