Monique's pixie ears are ruining her vibe, plus a model whose baggy eyes are bad news for her career
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This is it, the final episode of the first season of Botched. In the last installment for the foreseeable future, we meet Monique, the woman with 38 FFF breasts whose ears have fused to her head; Myesha, an aspiring model who’s being held back by the bags under her eyes; and Kelly, a girl with a cleft palate whose nose and lips seem to get worse with every surgery.

Monique, Pixie Ears

Monique is a former male who transitioned to female in her teens. As a kid, she attended a Catholic boys school, where she discovered she was “too feminine” for her fellow classmates. When she told her parents she wanted gender reassignment surgery, “They weren’t surprised,” she said. She’s had over 200 procedures in her life, a number of them in Tijuana. What she’s looking to take care of are her fused earlobes, known as pixie ears, as well as get a bunch of free silicone taken out of her hips.

“The first thing that walked into the exam room was Monique’s breasts,” says Dr. Dubrow. And indeed, the 38 FFFs are impressive. The doctors elect to operate on Monique despite the fact that all the free silicone will make it difficult. The surgery on both her abdomen and her ears goes well, and soon Monique is shooting a music video aptly called, “38 Triple F.” We recommend you don’t Google this video.

Myesha, Bag Lady

Last up is Myesha, or as she affectionately refers to herself, “Bag Lady.” She’s an aspiring model who went down to Mexico to take care of the bags under her eyes, only to end up with permanently puffy skin. “I paid someone $150 to mess me up,” she declares.

When the day of her surgery rolls around, Myesha is so excited, she can barely contain herself. She had a consult with the agency that discovered Tyra Banks and they told her to come back after she had her little problem taken care of. The doctors cut into her and discover that the Mexican surgeon actually injected fat into her bottom lids. Disgusting and not at all what Myesha wanted, but easily fixed.

Kelly, Cleft Palate

Kelly was born with a cleft palate, and like most kids born different, she didn’t know it until she got to school. “Kids would ask, what’s wrong with your nose?” She’s had five or six surgeries to correct the cleft, but now her nose is crooked and her lips are deflated. Now married with a child, she crops herself out of photos. Her life, such as it is, is barely a life at all. “I want her in the photos,” her husband says desperately. “I want her in our lives.”

Drs. Nassif and Dubrow take her on, and with their help, Kelly gets a straight nose and plump, but natural-looking lips. With her new-found self-confidence, she renews her vows with her husband and together they ride off into the sunset, taking plenty of glorious photos.

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