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August 08, 2014 12:00 PM

This week on Botched, Lacey wants to make her triple L-sized breasts bigger, Salina wants to make her lopsided breasts even, and Christina just wants a stomach that’s dateable. Let’s dive in!

Lacey, Mega Boobs.

Meet Lacey. She’s a size triple L, with 3,500 cc of pure implant riding on her chest, which is so heavy it’s had to be reinforced by pig skin. “I don’t think I’ve seen my toes in 20 years,” she declares. Triple L isn’t enough for Lacey, who’s looking to have one of the top 3 biggest chests in the world (she’s currently number 6). In order to do so, she’ll have to add 1,500 cc to her implants, making her a triple Q.

Dr. Nassif and Dubrow are fascinated by Lacey’s ambition, but they warn her that if she adds any more liquid to her breasts, they’ll burst. “You’re going to end up a breast cripple,” Dubrow cautions. They turn her down, but Lacey’s had her $250,000 breasts insured and she’s willing to take a risk. She leaves, planning to find another surgeon to help her achieve her dream.

Salina, Alien Boobs

Like Lacey, Salina always wanted big boobs. She was teased relentlessly as a child for her small rack, so once she had the money, she got them enhanced And ended up making them even worse. Lopsided and practically see-through, Salina’s breasts are a mess. “I want them to be non-ripply and just even,” she begs the doctors. They oblige.

Just before surgery, Salina reveals that the reason her operation was botched last time is because she took the surgical bra off too early. Dr. Dubrow makes her promise to follow his instructions to a T this time. The surgery goes well and Salina is modeling lingerie for her boyfriend Erik in no time. “Oh my God,” he says as he lays eyes on her new boobs. “One day we’ll definitely be married,” Salina sighs. Who says true love is dead?

Christina, Franken-TummyChristina pushed out three kids, got a tummy tuck to repair the damage, and was promptly dumped by her husband for a younger model. The tummy tuck didn’t treat her too kindly either: the wound became infected with MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and left her stomach skin puckered and scarred. She’s now understandably hesitant about dating. The doctors insist the damage is fixable, though the risk of infection is high. She moves forward with the procedure.

Since Christina has a history of panic attacks induced by being put under aesthesia, the doctors decide to leave her awake for the surgery. Because what makes you more comfortable with surgery than being awake for it? “Your pain is my pleasure,” Dubrow declares as he cuts into her. Fortunately, the operation goes well, and soon Christina’s wearing tube tops and low-rise jeans to show off her stomach. Her summer plans? “Running on the beach in slow motion.” Get it, girl.

Tune in for the season finale of Botched next Sunday at 10:30pm on E!

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