'Botched' Recap: Meet the Man Who's Spent $100,000 to Look Like Justin Bieber

Songwriter Toby Sheldon has spent a small fortune to look like the Biebs, plus a women seeks help after a tummy tuck goes very very wrong

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In Sunday’s episode of E!’s Botched, Drs. Terry Dubrow (husband of Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather) and Paul Nassif (Adrienne Maloof’s ex) come face-to-face with Justin Bieber’s biggest fan, a woman who had a surgical mishap in Tijuana and a 29-year-old with “grandma boobs.”

Will they be able to help these poor souls? Let’s dive in!

Toby, True Belieber
First up is Toby Sheldon, 33, an L.A.-based songwriter who estimates he’s spent more than $100,000 in surgeries to look like 18-year-old Justin Bieber (as opposed to, say, the 20-year-old version). So what does this include? “Hair transplants,” says Sheldon. “I had my lips done, my upper lip lifted in this kind of permanent smirk, like Justin has, my lower lip lifted to hide more of the bottom teeth he has a six-pack, so I got some liposuction.”

And what is he looking for today? “Basically, I would love to get my forehead reduced, then a jaw reduction.” Dr. Dubrow points out that to shrink Toby’s forehead, he’ll have to put in a tissue expander that will make his forehead jut out like a Neanderthal’s. “There’s hats to cover it with,” he says with a chuckle. “It’s two months of misery for a lifetime of happiness.” The docs pass on Toby’s surgeries but that won’t stop him: “I’ve been turned down by tens and tens of surgeons before and look what happened.”

Desiree, Tijuana Tummy Tuck
“My mom told me that two of her friends had this great, wonderful doctor in Tijuana,” says Desiree. So Desiree went to Mexico for a tummy tuck – and ended up with her vagina near her belly button. “I’ve been doing plastic surgery for over 23 years,” Dr. Dubrow says. “I’ve never seen this before.”

Desiree’s wish is a modest one: “My dream is for my stomach to look flat and for my vagina to be put back in its place.” The procedure is complicated because while she was in Tijuana the doctor used ice (!) to anesthetize her, effectively killing a lot of the surrounding tissue in Desiree’s stomach region. She may not have enough loose skin to operate with, making the corrective surgery a risk.

On the day of her surgery, Desiree, who’s accompanied by her mom (yes, the one who recommended the Tijuana doctor), is pumped as she heads into the operating room. “Thank God I didn’t see any ice blocks anywhere,” she remarks. The operation goes well and Desiree’s vagina is back below the beltline. “My coochie has returned to its rightful spot,” she declares, before detailing her future swimsuit purchases. Hopefully the first one is on Mom.

Charlotte, Grandma Boobs
Charlotte is your typical California girl: blonde, bubbly and buxom. Extremely buxom. “I have grandma boobs,” she says of her weighty breasts. Charlotte has had two boob jobs: her first at 17 (“It was kinda like the it, cool thing to do”) and the second after two pregnancies. The problem is that her doctor gave her triple Ds. “I didn’t know that size existed,” she laments. “My breasts look like cow udders.”

Now, Charlotte’s sister-in-law Lindsay is getting married and her bridesmaids simply have to wear strapless dresses. “I’m not going to tell her what to pick because it’s her day,” says Charlotte. The solution? A little nip-and-tuck. Think about that next time you complain about your friend being a bridezilla.

The doctors reduce her breasts from 600cc to 375cc. “I took enough skin out of her to line a football,” says Dubrow. “Any grandma would be happy to have Charlotte’s breasts.” The best part? Charlotte will be strapless-dress-ready in time for Lindsay’s big day. “It’s a huge weight off my chest to feel normal,” she says. You gotta love a girl with a sense of humor.

Botched airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on E!

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