Plus: the stories of a man whose hair transplant left an 11-inch scar around his head and a woman who went to the Philippines for a face-lift

By Tara Fowler
Updated July 28, 2014 01:00 AM

This week on Botched, nobody strived to look like the Biebs or Madonna. Instead, we got the earnest stories of three civilians who just wanted their surgery fails fixed.

Mike is a personal trainer from Michigan with an 11-inch scar on his head, the result of a hair transplantation surgery gone wrong.

When his hairline starting receding just a tad, Mike panicked and researched the best hair restoration surgeons in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, the person Mike came up with managed to give him an enormous scar running around the back of his head. But, hey, the hair growth looks great!

In order to fix the scar, the doctors needed to stretch the skin around the site. To do so, they implant a bag in the back of Mike’s head and slowly fill it up with saline solution over the course of a week. “You want to put a boob implant in my head,” Mike summarizes.

Though Mike is initially hesitant about wandering the superficial streets of L.A. with a boob on his head, he’s soon clubbing with his buddies, implant and all. He goes from a B-cup to a good C-cup before the bag is removed and the site stitched up. While the doctors end up feeling pleased with the scar correction surgery, Mike is ultimately disappointed, lamenting the fact that the scar is still there, albeit visibly improved.

Michelle is our inevitable reminder that you always get what you pay for. Since getting kicked in the face by a horse, she’s undergone at least 10 operations, including getting a cleft in her chin for $200 from a doctor in the Philippines. “You keep thinking, this is going to change my life,” she says. But if anything, it only seems to make it worse.

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif sympathize with Michelle’s accident, but any attempt to repair the various surgeries that she’s had done will likely damage her face further. The real problem, however, is that Michelle is just unhappy in general. “She has to like herself,” Nassif says.

“There really is no good reason to operate on Michelle,” Dubrow adds. They send her home and warn her against any more cheap surgeries in foreign countries.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t want a pony. I wanted boobs,” Cynthia declares. Boobs, she got. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now she’s cancer-free after a successful mastectomy. However, her reconstruction surgery was botched. So botched, in fact, that her entire left breast collapsed inward.

What starts out as a fairly routine procedure turns dangerous when the doctors discover that Cynthia’s left implant has ruptured. Fortunately, Dubrow manages to get all of the excess silicone out and give her the pair of breasts she wants. “I can just throw on a regular bra,” says Cynthia, lounging by the pool in a bikini and heels. “It’s amazing.”

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