Bob Odenkirk Says' Better Call Saul' Cast and Crew Were 'Traumatized' After His Heart Attack on Set

Last July, Bob Odenkirk suffered a small heart attack while filming an episode for the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul in New Mexico

Bob Odenkirk
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Bob Odenkirk said the Better Call Saul cast and crew were greatly impacted after his heart attack on set.

At the Breaking Bad spinoff's season 6 premiere event on Thursday, Odenkirk, 59, told PEOPLE that when he returned to filming last year he noticed that his coworkers still had memories of reviving him and coming to his aid.

"I would say that the cast and crew were more traumatized than me, because I have a blank space where I had this heart attack," the actor said. "I don't remember the day it happened or the next week and a half. They all were standing right there. And they watched me go down, and they watched them use the defibrillator three times on me, and they watched the professionals around look at each other and say he's not coming back."

Last July, Odenkirk suffered a small heart attack while filming an episode for the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul in New Mexico. He was rushed to a local hospital, and his rep later confirmed to PEOPLE that Odenkirk was in stable condition.

Odenkirk was able to recover from the heart attack and eventually return to work. At Thursday's premiere, the star told PEOPLE that he asked those who helped him on the Better Call Saul set to detail what had happened during the incident.

Bob Odenkirk
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"They all went through that, and I didn't. But I did go through it afterward when they shared the stories with me and they did, and I asked them to," he recalled.

"Because I wanted to understand what happened. And so they were very moved and I was thankful, and it meant a lot to me, and all the wonderful things people said on social media... We run down social media and a lot of it is justified, but holy s--- was that beautiful, to me. It can be good," he said.

Since his heart attack last summer, Odenkirk has been vocal about how the health scare changed his life. "The epiphany was simply that my life is pretty damn great, and I should appreciate it and the people around me," Odenkirk told Hoda Kotb on Today. "I think people do have epiphanies when they have a near-death experience, and oftentimes, it's 'I have to change something.' And I think my epiphany is I have to appreciate what I have, because it's really great and I have really great people around me."

Better Call Saul's final season airs at 9 p.m. ET Mondays on AMC. Past seasons are now streaming on Netflix.

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