Meet Cameron Davies – One of Discovery's 'Blue Collar Backers' Who Is Helping Make Small Business Dreams Come True

"I just think of crazy stuff and try to talk clients into building it," Davies told PEOPLE

Photo: Source: Blue Collar Backers/Facebook

Starting a small business is no easy task – that’s why the Blue Collar Backers are here to help.

The new Discovery Channel show features experts – Cameron Davies, Ron Douglas, Brian Stark, Wes James and twin brothers Cain and Cam Roberts – who are ready to help make small business dreams come true.

Because most bank loans that are requested in the hopes of starting a small business are frequently rejected, the American dream of owning one’s own business is becoming more difficult – which is where Davies comes in.

The food truck genius owns Cruising Kitchens, a company that manufactures unique custom trucks for clients all across the country. He uses his ingenious ideas to make his clients’ trucks as profitable as possible.

“I just think of crazy stuff and try to talk clients into building it,” Davies told PEOPLE. “I like building stuff that nobody’s ever done and nobody will ever do.”

The husband and father of two believes in putting in the hard work that will lead to the success of his businesses – and likes getting involved with people who feel the same.

“To me, I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done,” Davies said. “If you’re starting up a company, or you’re looking to grow a company, the owner has to be hands on.”

But having an idea and being passionate isn’t always enough to be successful, the idea also has to be realistic.

“Put those ideas on paper, do the research and make sure that it calculates out to a successful business before jumping in and spending a bunch of money.”

And Davies is excited to have the opportunity to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams on the show.

“These people need somebody like me, or one of the other backers, to help them go in the right direction and see what they need to do to be successful in business,” Davies said.

He added, “I hope people want to go into business seeing how we started and what we’ve become.”

Blue Collar Backers premieres August 26 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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