The couple's relationship came to an end on season 1 of Netflix's Bling Empire


Bling Empire stars Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are back together.

In a Bling Empire: Where Are They Now Netflix special released on Monday, Mi Li said the two reconciled after taking "a good five-month or six-month break."

Viewers first noticed cracks in Mi Li and Gray's relationship during a trip to Paris on the reality show, when the actor called his girlfriend in a rage after she left him behind at the hotel. The outburst caused both friends and fans to express their concern about the way Gray spoke to her. Eventually, Mi Li called it quits and asked Gray to move out of their home.

"[Fans] saw a really dark period of our relationship," Mi Li said in the new special. "With Andrew's behavior, I don't excuse it at all. I think it's 100 percent wrong."

Andrew and Kelly Mi Li
Credit: Netflix

During their time apart, Mi Li said both she and Gray went to therapy to work on themselves as individuals before eventually coming back together as a couple.

"I feel like I've grown a lot," said Gray. "I've been able to resolve so many issues that I didn't even know were still open, like a wound."

Both agreed their relationship now is "night and day" from what it used to be.

"We are together today — stronger, happier than we ever have been," said Gray.

And while they both admitted watching their breakup was painful, Mi Li and Gray said thrusting all of their issues out into the open helped them learn how to overcome them and move on.

"The more that we can expose, the more that we can grow," Gray said.

Bling Empire is streaming on Netflix.