The latest Tonight Show game challenged Fallon and Lively to just say random words, but it proved difficult for one of them

By Drew Mackie
Updated April 22, 2015 12:45 AM
Wendell Teodoro/WireImage

Lesson learned: Jimmy Fallon is terrible at saying words, but he wears tape like a pro.

On Tuesday’s The Tonight Show, Fallon, 40, challenged Blake Lively, 27, to a game called “Say Anything,” which has one participant saying a word and the other one responding with a word that doesn’t have anything to do with the first word. Stumble or laugh, and you get tape on your face.

Seems easy, right? Well, it was for Lively, who vanquished Fallon in three easy rounds and progressively taped him up.

The new mom noted that her rearrangement of his face made him look like Leonard Nimoy and then William Shatner. Do you see the resemblance?

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