"While you're enjoying it, there's also a discomfort there," Jones tells PEOPLE

By Brittany King
Updated November 02, 2016 11:24 AM

There’s one thing that Black Mirror does and does well, and that’s getting its audience to feel anxious.

“I think I like when people feel a little bit nervous,” Black Mirror executive producer Annabel Jones told PEOPLE. “Will I sound a bit psycho if I say that’s good?”

“I think it resonates,” she continued. “If people come away thinking, ‘You’ve dramatized something I’ve never seen before, you’ve tapped into something I worry about, you’ve made me sort of think,’ then that’s great.”

The first episode “Nosedive,” which stars Bryce Dallas Howard, focuses on a character that revolves her life around social media “likes” which resonates with the show’s audience, because it’s remarkably realistic.

“We do try to do it in an entertaining way,” Jones said. “Hopefully the film with Bryce is a fun watch. While you’re enjoying it, there’s also a discomfort there. If you’ve got those two things playing together, I think we’ve got a good Black Mirror.”

Credit: Netflix

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“The biggest thing of all of the episodes is it makes you question yourself,” added Black Mirror actor Michael Kelly who plays a military psychologist in one episode. “It makes you look in the mirror and think, ‘Wow. What would I do in that scenario. Is that me? Have I gone that far? Am I heading in that direction? This is happening to us?’ ”

“There’s something that makes you question yourself and think about your moral compass and where you are in the world,” Kelly continued. “I think it’s cool to sit on it for a couple days… It’s a great way to consume it.”

Season 3 of Black Mirror is now streaming on Netflix.