Blac Chyna's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told reporters Thursday the allegations of assault against her by her ex, Rob Kardashian, were "false"

Blac Chyna‘s lawyer Lisa Bloom revealed the reality star is “resolved to get justice” after her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian and his younger sister Kylie Jenner filed a lawsuit against her.

Bloom spoke to reporters Thursday following a press conference, saying Kardashian, 30, made “false” allegations against her client.

“The language [in the lawsuit] was very ugly and false,” Bloom told reporters. “The allegations are false. Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna share a baby, Dream. He just entered into a case where he promised not to disparage her and now this.”

As for the lawsuit claiming Chyna assaulted the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, Bloom said “anyone can run to court and file a complaint” but that it doesn’t necessarily prove any wrongdoing.

“Can you win the case at the end of the day?” Bloom, said that was the real question. “We will have more to announce in her case very soon.”

Bloom added that Chyna and Kardashian share joint custody of their 10-month-old daughter Dream.

Credit: Rob Kardashian/Twitter

“[Dream] could not be happier but thank goodness she’s young and oblivious to all of this,” Bloom said. “As Chyna has said many times, she just wants to peacefully coparent Dream and it would be nice if Mr. Kardashian had the same philosophy.”

Kardashian and Jenner, 20, filed a lawsuit Wednesday that claimed Chyna attempted to choke him with an iPhone cord during an intense fight last December, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The siblings are suing Chyna for battery, assault and vandalism.

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Credit: Ari Michelson

In the complaint, Kardashian and Jenner claim they were forced to seek legal recourse against Chyna as they “endured several months of injuries” after Chyna’s “deliberate attempt to extort the Kardashian family for her own monetary gains.”

The complaint, obtained by PEOPLE, also claims Chyna’s relationship and decision to have a baby with Kardashian was “nothing short of an outright fraud to shake down the Kardashian family.”

A source close to Chyna told PEOPLE that the fight at Jenner’s house was “not a real thing.”

“It makes sense on their part to come up with a counter claim for the very real claim made against him,” the source said.

Kardashian and Jenner are suing the mother of two for his alleged injuries, damages done to Jenner’s home (where the December 2016 altercation allegedly took place) and punitive damages, as well as an end to Chyna talent agreement with the E! Network.