Blac Chyna Is Charging Fans $950 for a FaceTime Call and $250 for an Instagram Follow Back

If fans are unable to make the one-time payment, Chyna's website allows them to pay in installments with QUADPAY

Blac Chyna
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If you want to FaceTime Blac Chyna, you’re going to need roughly $1,000.

The reality star, 31, is charging fans $950 for a FaceTime call, according to her business website Lashed Cosmetics.

In the description of the offer, Chyna instructs fans to leave their phone number in the notes section when they check out.

Chyna did not include how long the FaceTime call would be or when the conversations would take place.

“Get a FT call from me personal [sic]!” the description reads.

In addition to the FaceTime chat, Chyna is offering to follow back fans for $250.

“Following back on IG add your user name in the address line. Please allow 24-48 hours for her to follow back. Thank you,” the instructions for the follow back read.

If fans are unable to make the one-time payment, Chyna’s website allows them to pay in installments with QUADPAY.

For the FaceTime, fans can make four interest-free payments of $237 and for the follow back, social media users can opt to make four interest-free payments of $62.50.

Blac Chyna

Meanwhile, in response to Lashed Cosmetics’ FaceTime and follow back offer, Chyna’s lawyer tells PEOPLE in a statement, “Yes, Blac Chyna is connecting more directly and creatively with her fans via FaceTime and Instagram follow backs during the Covid-19 pandemic! Like the true entrepreneur she is, Chyna is adapting to current realities and trying to bring more fun and joy to quarantine life.”

“Chyna’s quarantine-related creativity is also born out of economic necessity,” Chyna’s lawyer adds. “Despite many false media reports to the contrary, Chyna receives no child support from either Rob Kardashian or Tyga for her two beautiful children, Dream Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson.”

“To make matters worse, Rob and his family have filed false accusations that Chyna is an unfit mother and are trying to take away Chyna’s custody of her precious daughter, Dream,” the statement continues. “Chyna will continue to fight these false claims in court to keep custody of Dream, especially after Dream was severely burned twice at Rob’s house.”

“But these unwarranted custody battles are not cheap — and unlike a certain allegedly ‘self-made’ billionaire in Rob’s family, Chyna is truly a self-made single mom who must keep finding unique ways to connect with her fans during this unprecedented global pandemic,” Chyna’s lawyer adds. “Chyna looks forward to FaceTiming with her ‘Chyna Doll’ fans from around the world and to following fans on IG who want to share their lives with her!”

Several fans quickly expressed their outrage with Chyna on Twitter.

“Lmaooo Blac Chyna really charging $950 for a FaceTime call an $250 for a follow back!” one social media user wrote.

“Blac Chyna charging $950 for u to FaceTime her… Y’all are sick if u pay that,” another user tweeted.

However, some fans came to her defense.

“I just don’t see why everyone is judging Blac Chyna for charging people for FaceTime sessions and to have her follow them. She’s using her fame to make coins and I’m not mad,” the fan wrote.

Blac Chyna

Chyna’s latest advertisement comes amid claims by her ex Rob Kardashian that she threatened him with a gun and that he feared for his life.

In a recent court filing obtained by PEOPLE, Kardashian alleges that Chyna pointed a gun at him multiple times on Dec. 14, 2016 — the same night he has claimed Chyna attempted to choke him with an iPhone cord.

“She used my phone to FaceTime my friend Victory and while we were on FaceTime with him, Chyna pointed the gun at me and threatened me,” the 33-year-old said in his declaration. “About 20 or 30 minutes later, Chyna came to the guest room, still holding the gun and FaceTimed my friend Eugene. When we were on FaceTime, Chyna pointed the gun at my head and threatened me. She also threatened Eugene.”

Later, Kardashian said that he believed Chyna intended to “inflict severe injury to me and I feared for my life.”

“I did not think that Chyna’s threats and physical attacks were funny or a joke, and of course I never consented to her violently attacking me or threatening to harm me,” he said, adding, “I believed that she could kill me, intentionally or because she [was] in such a drunken/high state that she could slip up and shoot me accidentally.”Chyna’s attorney disputes Kardashian’s claim that he was threatened by Chyna in a statement to PEOPLE.

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