The Bachelor in Paradise alum is spending her time in quarantine with musician Slater Davis after going public as a couple in February

By Topher Gauk-Roger
May 08, 2020 12:40 PM

Demi Burnett has found love again — and couldn't be happier!

The Bachelor Nation alumna and Big Demi Energy podcast host is currently quarantining with boyfriend Slater Davis and his family at their Calabasas, California, home. She says she's enjoying the quality time they're soaking up together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's been nice getting to spend so much time together and getting to know each other so much better," Burnett tells PEOPLE.  "We're getting to learn how each other lives and how to work through whenever we are getting on each other's nerves, and be better at that."

"I definitely think our relationship is stronger than ever," Burnett shares.

Burnett, 25, revealed her relationship with the musician on Instagram in February, posting numerous photos of the pair celebrating the reality star's birthday. Now, the couple is getting used to spending 24/7 together.

"We're really comfortable with each other now," says Burnett. "There's stupid bickers every now and then, but we're getting better at that and working on not being annoyed with each other. I wouldn't have it any other way."

The Bachelor in Paradise star says she and Davis are keeping busy in quarantine by using the pool, playing sports, and enjoying the hit video game, Animal Crossing.

"We are in a big house with his family, so there's lots of things for us to do, instead of being in my little apartment together for 24 hours a day," says Burnett. "We can go to different rooms and do our own thing and then like come back together and be like, 'Hey, I kind of missed you.' That's so nice."

While Davis continues working on music in his at-home studio, Burnett has a new project to keep her occupied — her new podcast.

Burnett's first foray into podcasting launched in April on PodcastOne, and the outgoing star says fans can expect something different from the Bachelor recaps of her fellow alums.

"I think I just have some different interests," admits Burnett. "I want to talk a lot about RuPaul's Drag Race and just drag in general on my podcasts. I don't want to talk too much about The Bachelor. I'll cover some of it, but I don't want that to be the focus. I really just want to focus on the audience."

Burnett wants to make her podcast interactive, occasionally featuring listeners to get their perspectives on issues.

"A lot of people know me as being confident and being real, so talking about that with people and maybe helping them find their confidence and helping them be true to themselves," reveals Burnett. "I want to have all kinds of guests and get to hear what their lives are about."

"I just really want to have a good time with it and make people laugh, but also explore some people's vulnerabilities and just get comfortable talking about that. I don't want it to be all about me."

Burnett has already featured her boyfriend on the podcast, and says it may not be his only appearance.

"I absolutely love doing it with him. We had so much fun, but I don't want him to feel pressured to have to do my podcast if I ever asked him to," says Burnett. "This is my thing. He has his thing, but he can come on whenever he wants."

Burnett made history as part of the first same-sex couple in Bachelor Nation history when she became engaged to Kristian Haggerty in the BiP season 6 finale. The couple then announced their split in October.

Looking ahead, Burnett isn't certain she would put her relationship with Davis on camera.

"That would be up to him because I would want him to always be comfortable," Burnett explains. "I love being in the spotlight. I love being on camera, so of course I would be down, but it would be whatever made him comfortable."

"I definitely am excited to take this at a normal pace and no pressure or anything like that," admits Burnett. "It's just going with the flow. I don't do very well with the Bachelor pace."

ABC execs recently told PEOPLE that season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is "unlikely" as a result of COVID-19 — and Burnett says summertime won't be the same without it.

"I'm definitely going to miss watching it and seeing the drama. It's something I watched every summer, so it's a bummer that we won't get it," says Burnett.

But while she looks forward to the series' eventual return, she had no intention of hitting the beach in Mexico for another stint on the reality show.

"It doesn't affect me," says Burnett. "I'm not worried about getting anymore Instagram followers."

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Burnett isn't the only happy Bachelor Nation star to find love in 2020. Bachelor stars Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan also recently confirmed their relationship status.

"I think it's really cute. I think it's awesome that they met before and now they ended up back together," says Burnett. "I really like Kelley. I really like Peter. They're both really sweet so I'm stoked for them. The only advice I would give them is like don't listen to what all the haters and trolls say, but I think they're already doing a good job of ignoring all the hate."