'BiP' Alum Dean Unglert Says Caelynn Miller-Keyes Is 'Suffocating' But It's 'Actually Really Nice'

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2019

Dean Unglert is opening up about one thing he surprisingly likes about girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

Unglert, who met Miller-Keyes on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise back in 2019, discussed their relationship during the latest episode of his iHeartRadio podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating, with co-host Jared Haibon.

At one point, Unglert, 30, described Miller-Keyes, 26, as "the most suffocating" of all the girls he's dated, but added that he doesn't see that as a bad thing. "I actually kind of enjoy it so it's kind of nice," he said.

"She latches on sometimes. I went on [Nick Viall's] podcast right when we started dating, Caelynn and I, and I was like 'She's like velcro — she's always sticking to me' and we always give me crap about that. She's always calling herself 'my little velcro,' or something stupid like that," he said. "In my brain I'm like 'I don't like this' but then it's happening and I'm like 'okay cool this is actually really nice.'"

The Bachelor Nation star went on to say that while Miller-Keyes likes to be around him "all the time," their setup works because she also gives him "a very long leash."

Dean Unglert, Caelynn Miller Keyes
Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

Later, Haibon and Unglert brought up the topic of soulmates, which Unglert said he doesn't "believe in" — though Miller-Keyes does.

"If soulmates are a thing, I would say, yes she's my soulmate," he said, but added, "I don't believe soulmates are real so I say no. She thinks that we're soulmates."

They then discussed celebrity crushes, and Unglert admitted that he would "get in trouble" for following his — model Alexis Ren — on Instagram. "I'm going to go unfollow her right now actually, I feel guilty about it to be honest," he then said.

As they reached the end of their fan questions for the episode, Unglert picked out one in particular that he wanted to answer about how he and Miller-Keyes navigate religious differences in their relationship.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Presley Ann/Getty Images

"We have different takes on religion, Caelynn and I, obviously," he said. "I am agnostic more or less — raised Presbyterian, since transitioned into agnosticism — so I don't really believe in anything, I don't disbelieve in anything."

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"Caelynn is pretty Christian, she goes to church pretty often, she's got her religious texts that she has around, like she writes her daily prayers, all that kind of stuff and I think that there is probably a growing number of these interfaith, or lack thereof, relationships, and that's kind of why I wanted to answer it," he added. "I think the biggest thing is openness to talk about it and understanding that just because you think something different than the other person doesn't mean the other person is more wrong, or less right than you are."

"When it comes to religion, I support her religion and her religious efforts and all that kind of stuff and I think at the end of the day she's not throwing it in my face," Unglert said. "As long as she's not doing that, I totally don't care — she can do whatever she wants, she can believe whatever she wants."

As for how they would tackle their differences if they were to have children together, he said they "haven't really talked about it" but that he would support her taking any potential kids to church and would even consider joining.

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