Bingeworthy's Jessica Shaw is revealing who she thinks will win big this year

By Char Adams
December 08, 2016 11:05 AM

The Critics’ Choice Awards is just days away — and Bingeworthy‘s Jessica Shaw is revealing who she thinks will win big.

When it comes to the award for best actress in a comedy series, Shaw’s pick is set in stone.

“I can not even find any reason to argue against Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep. As Selina Meyer she is so funny,” Shaw says. “The show is even better than ever. She wins every award and on some level it’s like, ‘Are you really saying she should win another award?’ Yes. Yes she should. She’s perfect.”

As for the fellas in the best actor in a comedy series category, Shaw says she’s rooting for comedian, rapper and actor Donald Glover.

“Donald Glover, who I think a lot of people knew as Childish Gambino or knew from Community and he was great on that,” she says. “He does a whole other thing with Atlanta on FX … I think he’s just terrific.”

She sings the actor’s praises again while gushing about Atlanta — her pick for best comedy series.

“When you’re talking about critics’ choice … It’s one of the best reviewed shows of the year,” Shaw says. “Critics were crazy about it and rightfully so. It was so unique, they did so many cool things … it’s a smart show. It’s a different show. And it feels like the comedy of this year.”

As for the drama categories, Shaw has a lot to say about Westworld‘s Evan Rachel Wood, who is nominated for best actress in a drama series.

“She is wonderful. Just think of what she has to play. She is not human, she thinks she’s human … and she brings, like, slight variations and differences to her performance,” Shaw says of Wood’s character in the show, Dolores Abernathy. “She’s incredible. She’s just brilliant.”

The 22nd Critics’ Choice Awards will be broadcast live Sunday on A&E.