Throwback Photos of Bindi Irwin with Her 'Superhero' Dad, the Late Steve Irwin

See the sweetest photos of the young star with her late dad, Steve Irwin, who would have been 61 on Feb. 22

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Forever Changed

Bindi's 2023 tribute to her dad included another heartwarming photo of the pair.

"Happy Birthday, Dad," she wrote on what would have been his 61st. "Thank you for instilling a love for all species, courage to follow my heart and determination to make a difference in the world for wildlife and wild places. Your legacy lives on and the world is forever changed because of your dedication to conservation. Mum, Robert and I love and miss you so much."

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It Runs in the Family

In this sweet photo, Bindi, her mother Terri and her late dad Steve are wrapped up in both love and a python. Bindi posted the photo on Nov. 15, 2019, in honor of Steve Irwin Day. She wrote in the photo's caption, "‬Remembering the greatest Wildlife Warrior and best Dad❤️ It's a blessing to continue his work with my amazing family.‬ We hope to make him proud.‬"

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Python Kisses

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin
Graeme Parkes/Getty Images

Bindi was quick to take to the family business, looking right at home snuggled up to a Burmese python(!) as a baby.

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Lots of Laughs

In honor of Father's Day in 2019, Bindi posted a home video of herself as a baby, playing with her mom and dad.

She wrote, "Reflecting on these wonderful moments. Hug the people in your life who bring light to your heart and always remember that love lasts forever."

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Slithery Snuggle

Safe to say snakes were basically part of the family.

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Bindi's Hero

"You will always be my superhero. ❤️," Bindi captioned this loving photo with her dad.

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First Steps!

"Reflecting on this special moment," Bindi captioned a photo of her as a toddler with her parents — and quite the picturesque view.

She wrote, "Holding hands and learning to walk in the heart of Australia... ❤️ I'm thankful every day for the unconditional love and support of my wonderful parents. My guiding lights, always."

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Leaving a Legacy

Bindi and Steve Irwin
Bindi Irwin and Steve Irwin. Bindi Irwin/Instagram

One Feb. 22, her father's birthday, Bindi posted a photo of the pair sharing a laugh alongside an emotional caption.

"Dad, Today is your birthday," she wrote. "I had an extra strong cup of tea just how you liked it. I hugged Mum for you and told her how much we love her. Robert and I went on a hike through the mountains you cherished. I watched one of your documentaries with Chandler and shared stories about you. I walked through your office in the zoo and smiled at our old family photographs. Today and every day I miss you and love you beyond description. You're always with me. ❤️"

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Crocs Rock

Newspix/Getty Images

From a young age, Bindi was a crocodile huntress in training!

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Hold Up!

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin
John Stanton/WireImage

Irwin displayed his strength holding onto both his wife and Bindi for this playful photo.

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Wild Ride

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin

The family of three arrived in style for The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course premiere on the back of an elephant!

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Sweet Smooch

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin
Australia Zoo/Getty Images

Bindi showed her dad some love in Uluru, Australia, in 2006.

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Support System

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin

Bindi Irwin got a little support from her proud dad at the premiere of The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course in 2002.

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So Smooth

Bindi and her dad played around in the kitchen together in this adorable snap. Bindi wrote on Instagram, "#Flashback to these wonderful moments with my superhero."

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You Scream, I Scream

We all scream for ice cream! Bindi shared a hilarious throwback of her smashing ice cream into her father's face, only to hide behind her mom when he threatened to do the same.

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Crocodile Smile

Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin
Steve and Terri Irwin with a young Bindi in 2002. Newspix/Getty Images

Baby shark? How about baby croc?! The family posed with a baby crocodile at their second home, The Australia Zoo. Did you know Bindi is named for one of her dad's favorite crocodiles at the zoo?

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Guiding Light

Bindi says that her father is her "guiding light," adding that he is "always with [her]."

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Baby Bro

Big sister, reporting for duty! In honor of her 22nd birthday, Bindi's brother Robert posted a photo of the siblings meeting for the first time. He captioned the photo, "Thank you for being my best friend from the moment I entered the world."

He added a sweet anecdote, "I'll always treasure the story of the first time you met me - it was around the time this photo was taken, just after I was born and you decided that it was your job to name me... and then promptly named me Brian! 😂Dad then confirmed that my name was actually Robert but you still called me Brian 'for short'! Can't wait to celebrate today, I am so proud to be your brother! Love, Brian."

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Gang's All Here!

The family posed for a photo together — in head-to-toe khaki, of course — at the Australia Zoo.

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One Happy Family

"Family forever," Bindi captioned this pic of the Irwin crew.

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Life Lessons

"Thank you for always teaching me to stand up for what I believe in. I'm incredibly blessed to be your daughter and I love you so much. ❤️," captioned this photo of her showing off her muscles alongside her dad.

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Khaki Crew

On Nov. 15, Bindi marked Steve Irwin Day with a photo alongside her dad both wearing khaki shirts by the ocean. She wrote in the photo's caption, "Your legacy will live on forever. I love you for even longer."

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Special Times

Bindi's brother, Robert, shared a touching post in honor of his father on Steve Irwin Day, as well. Alongside a photo with his sister and dad, he wrote, "Thinking a lot about my Dad today and the impact that he made on our planet, inspiring an entire generation. I also think about what a truly amazing dad he was. Through a lifetime captured on camera and stories from my family and those who knew him best, I'm able to remember the special times with dad. I still look up to him every day and while I miss him so much, it means the world to me and my family that each year we can have a day for the world to celebrate what he stood for❤️."

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