The star also talks backlash to Sex in the City 2

December 15, 2015 11:00 AM

Sarah Jessica Parker has been off the dating market for nearly two decades, so one might not expect her to be up on the latest apps people are using to hook up.

Billy Eichner puts that to the test in an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Billy on the Street, in which he asks the Sex and the City star to guess whether words – from Grindr to Cupid to Tinder – are “sex apps” or the names of Santa’s reindeer.

Watch the clip to see how Parker, who wed husband Matthew Broderick in 1997, does with the challenge.

Earlier in the clip, Eichner, 37, shouts about people who hated on Sex and the City 2, with Parker, 50, acknowledging that she was aware that some people did not like the 2010 sequel as much as the first movie.

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“What was surprising was the level of vitriol,” Parker says – before being cut off by Eichner, who continues on his rant, slamming sci-fi fans who say Star Wars is believable but couldn’t take the premise of Sex and the City 2, which saw the gals go to the Middle East.

Jokes Parker, “You’re saying things I never would have had the courage to say.”

Billy on the Street airs Thursdays (10:30 p.m. ET) on truTV.