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July 31, 2015 03:30 PM

If you appreciate blunt humor, you’ll want to introduce yourself to Difficult People.

Written by Julie Klausner and executive-produced by Amy Poehler, the Hulu original series stars Billy Eichner and Klausner as a pair of grouchy friends striving to make it in show business.

The sitcom debuts everywhere Aug. 5 but premiered in New York City at the School of Visual Arts Theater on Thursday. At the event, Eichner shared with PEOPLE the most difficult person to work with on set.

“Amy Poehler is just a nightmare to be around,” he joked. “She’s not in the cast. We wouldn’t let her be in it. She begged us for a part. We said no.”

The comical cast has no shortage of collaborators: Fred Armisen, Martin Short, Seth Meyers, Debbie Harry and Amy Sedaris were all spotlighted in the trailer, released July 30. In the show, Eichner plays Billy Epstein, “an alt-universe version” of himself, a struggling comedian and actor waiting tables in his mid-30s.

“He’s very bitter about everyone else’s success and loves Julie [Klausner’s character], but hates everyone else,” Eichner said.

Offset, Eichner is working on the fourth season of Billy in the Street, which is returning Oct. 8. The show is moving to TruTV, and he promised it will be “wild and loud.”

“I’ve got great guests this season – Chris Pratt, Tina Fey, Anna Kendrick, Julianne Moore, Will Ferrell and more to be announced,” Eichner said. “It’s going to be really funny.”

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