Billy Bush and Wife Sydney Celebrate Their 19-Year-Old Daughter's 3-Year Sobriety Milestone

"Happy 3rd birthday to the most courageous, gutsy, kid I know," Billy Bush wrote about his eldest daughter, Josie, being three years sober

Billy Bush has reason to celebrate: his eldest daughter is “3 years strong” in her sobriety journey!

Last week, the former Today show host and his wife Sydney honored their oldest child, 19-year-old Josie, for being three years sober. After attending a celebratory group dinner, Billy and Sydney — who also share daughters Lillie, 13, and Mary, 17 — each took to social media to post loving tributes in honor of Josie.

“Happy 3rd birthday to the most courageous, gutsy, kid I know,” Billy captioned a group photo from the meal. “She found it inside and is true to herself. Future is bright. #soberlife #proud #herosjourney.”

Sydney also shared a smiling photo of herself with Josie and praised her as “inspirational” in an Instagram post. “3 years ago you embarked on a journey. I can not begin to know the obstacles you have overcome…. but it has been pure joy watching you stay the course and be the best you,” wrote Sydney. “I am so proud. I love you. #3yearsstrong #inspirational.”

On Friday, Josie celebrated the personal milestone with a photo of herself wearing a black tiara and standing in front of silver streamers.

“3 years sober 🎉 Grateful for everything sobriety has given me,” she captioned the image.

Billy, 46, recently opened up to PEOPLE about Josie’s sobriety and shared that he initially was hard on himself about her struggle. “Part of me was beating myself up, like, ‘How did I miss this?’ ” he said.

“But forget about that — we had someone to take care of and someone to help find her way,” he shared. “Still, I cannot give credit to myself. It’s all Josie. She’s found an amazing sober community. I like watching them without drugs or alcohol. They do fun things together.”

Said Billy: “It’s a hero’s journey. I watch her and I’m blown away by the strength of character she has.”

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