January 09, 2017 08:24 AM

Billy Bob Thornton‘s Golden Globe acceptance speech moved many people in the audience and at home, and after walking off the stage the star explained what was the motivation behind his words.

“It’s easy to talk about people — it’s hard to stick your neck out,” the Goliath star told reporters at the Golden Globes press room after his acceptance speech. “A lot of people in the entertainment business get called privileged and yet … I came out here in poverty and spent a decade trying to eat. Those kind of things get to you.

“What separates people who come to these award shows, they’re people who are willing to take chance,” he continued. “Maybe it was safer to work at the factory back home but if you wanted to make something of yourself, you’re willing to go take the chance.”

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He went on to discuss the ridicule and harsh criticism in the world today, relating it to his views on the awards night.

“In this day with social media when people are slamming each another left and right,” he said, adding, “When the legitimate press writes a review it comes from a place of knowledge as opposed to a pace of hatred or jealousy. I let it bother me for a few years. Now when I accept an award, I accept it with pride because I know I tried.”

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As for the PA he dedicated his award to, Thornton continued his praise for the young professional who died too soon.

“There was a very good crew on Goliath,” he said. “Luke Scott was a kid who was only 23 years old and passed away last year. Luke made me want to come to work. He was the guy who when I got there, I knew that his face was such a joyous face – he was so happy just to be there and have that job and be around the business he wanted to be around. To lose your life at 23 years old when you’re just starting something like that…”

And as for the future of Goliath?

“If I told you I’d have to kill ya,” he joked to the press room. “They would like to do another season. I know that much. Once they see what the potential is – I honestly believe there’s more potential than what we did the first season. I think we need to know where this guy came from and what it is that made him who he is. I think another season could unfold that could lead the audience down this path … I know Amazon wants to do it.”

–with reporting by CHRISTINA DUGAN


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