Billie Lourd's Famous Grandmother Debbie Reynolds Loves 'Scream Queens' : 'She Thinks It's Hilarious'

"She is incredibly funny," Lourd told PEOPLE of grandmother Reynolds

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Billie Lourd comes from a long line of famous women, and they’re all just as awesome as you might imagine.

PEOPLE caught up with the actress at Monday night’s PEOPLE & Entertainment Weekly Upfronts party in New York City, and Lourd spilled all the details on mom Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds, who just debuted their documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in Cannes.

“I was [interviewed] a little bit, but not that much,” said Lourd, 23. “It was more of a Debbie-Carrie thing. I’m always proud of my mother, she’s killing it right now. She’s incredible.”

“I should do [a documentary] about my mom now, right?” added the star. “But she’s kind of already done it.”

Of Reynolds, 84, Lourd said it was “such an incredible thing to get footage of her.”

“She’s had such an incredible career and she’s done so many shows that people don’t even know about,” Lourd said. “She performs in Reno, she performs all over the country. It’s an incredible thing for people to see what a full star she is. She really does it all.”

But beyond her on-screen and onstage skills, Lourd says Reynolds is “an incredible grandmother.”

“She is incredibly funny. I was downstairs with her just a week ago – she lives downstairs at my house, we’re all on this crazy actors compound that is insane,” she explained. “And I went down there and she was trying to convince me to start my own act, because she thinks that that’s the way that acting happens.”

Imitating Reynolds’ voice, Lourd joked, ” ‘Well, dear, I know you’re doing this TV show, and you’re on Star Wars or whatever, but I really think you should form an act. Cabaret is such an important art, and I think you should get a couple of songs together and do an act.’ ”

And Reynolds is actually a huge fan of “that TV show” Lourd is on, a.k.a. Fox’s hit series Scream Queens, which premiered last year.

“She thinks it’s hilarious, she loves it so much,” Lourd said. “She loves the costumes. [She’s] obsessed with fur and ear muffs and all of that.”

Another favorite project of Lourd? Working with mom Fisher, 59, on the Star Wars franchise.

“I’m back in [Star Wars: Episode VIII],” Lourd revealed. “I shot for a month. I’ve already signed, so I can’t say much. But I’m going back in June and I’m shooting for another month.”

[IMAGE “2” “” “std” ]Of working with her mother, Lourd said it’s “really trippy.”

“We’re watching each other. And we’re still being mother-daughter, even though it’s like, actress-actress,” she explained.

“She’s awesome,” Lourd added of Fisher. “And it was even better in this one. She s great and she looks great. She’s killing it.”

Scream Queens season 2 is set to premiere this fall on Fox and Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will air on HBO in 2017.

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