Hillary Clinton Is a 'Deliriously Happy Grandmother,' Says Husband Bill

The former commander in chief also addresses his wife's presidential ambitions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

She may well be president one day. But for now, Hillary Clinton is cherishing another new role: that of grandmother.

“She’s a doting, giddy, deliriously happy grandmother,” her husband, former President Bill Clinton, says in a special Veterans Day appearance Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Bill is pretty enamored of baby Charlotte, too, though he says he and Hillary haven’t had a chance to properly spoil Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s 6-week-old daughter yet.

“I told Hillary right when we were going to the hospital for Chelsea to give birth, and I said, ‘Now, we have to remember this is not our child. We have to show up when we’re invited and do what we’re asked,’ ” Clinton says with a laugh.

“I suppose we’ll have a chance to spoil her, but we haven’t yet. She’s too busy soaking things up.”

On the topic of his wife’s possible presidential run in 2016, Clinton was less forthcoming – for one simple reason.

“I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do,” he says. “It’s true. If I did, I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t know. All this looks different. We’ve been so blessed. We’ve had a wonderful life. We’ve had the chance to serve. Whatever she wants to do, I’m for. She’s the ablest public servant I ever worked with.”

DeGeneres amusingly presses the former president on the matter by presenting him with two onesies for Charlotte. One reads, “My Grandma’s running for President in 2016,” while the other reads, “My Grandma’s a stay at home Granny.” (She also gave him a presidential “First Baby” toy car.)

“I can’t afford to give you both,” she says of the onesies, asking him to pick one.

“Keep them both, and give her the right one when she decides,” he replies with a smile.

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