'Biggest Loser' 's Yellow Team Stands Alone

Photo: Dave Bjerke/NBC

Team Yellow came out smelling like a — well, a yellow rose, we suppose — after they were pitted against the rest of the contestants on last night’s Biggest Loser. In another of the show’s surprise twists, Yellow’s Paul and Kelly were voted as the house’s “biggest threat” by the others, making the former husband and wife duo a united front against the other teams. Their Herculean efforts (and Paul’s newly rediscovered ancient Chinese warrior spirit guide) paid off, and with a combined weight loss of 17 lbs., they got the power to kick off the team of their choice — which turned out to be Pink’s Ali and Bette Sue. And boy was Bette Sue upset.

The best strategic move of last night:Yellow gives up their reward challenge prize of letters from home to the rest of the house. Way to ingratiate yourself with your competition, Kelly and Paul! Plus: Yet another opportunity to see all the housemates crying. And that’s why we watch!

The worst strategic move of the evening:Orange, Purple and under the radar Blue teams’ obvious sabotage of the weigh in set them in the scope of the immune, the powerhouse Black Team of Mark and Jay. Orange, Purple and Blue might think about sleeping with one eye open from now. In the words of Trainer Bob: GAME ON! –Caryn Midler

Dave Bjerke/NBC

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