By People Staff
Updated December 17, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: NBC

Vicky Vilcan, a nurse from Louisiana, went from 246 lbs. to 145 lbs. on The Biggest Loser: Families, but dropping 41.06 per cent of her body weight wasn’t enough to win the competition. The Biggest Loser title — and the $250,000 prize — went to Michelle Aguilar, a fan favorite, who lost 110 lbs., or 45.45 per cent of her body weight. Although Vicky says she’s still a winner, she also admits she is “so relieved that this show is over.” In fact, Vilcan says, “the show airing has not been kind to myself and my family.” In an interview at the show’s finale Tuesday, Vilcan talked to PEOPLE about being misunderstood on Biggest Loser, what you didn’t see on the show and how she’ll maintain her weight-loss during the holidays. — Rebecca Gross

Does America have the right perception of Vicky?America has the absolute correct perception. If I was one of those reality TV like I was before I got on this show, I’d hate myself too. But they’ve been given the wrong picture. They’ve been given a one-sided story and they have made a judgment based on that.

Why is that? It’s both the editing and the game playing. I never lied to anybody. I never smiled when got on the scale and gained weight. I’m a nurse and I’m kind. Even when I voted Amy off, there were no vindictive feelings because she was one of my best friends there. I was mad when she voted Brady off but everybody is human and everybody gets angry but we had made up. There were just a lot of things that were one-sided that America didn’t get to see.

What’s something that you wish they would have aired?I wish that America did see exactly how injured I was. And how I would wake up when everybody was sleeping and work out. And how I would swim four hours a day. I don’t think they ever did show me swim one time on the show. I’m a working mom and I managed to fit it all in and I think that should inspire working women everywhere.

How are you going to maintain your weight-loss? I workout an hour every morning and an hour every evening after the kids are asleep. It’s very manageable for me and it empowers me and it gives me confidence.

Any plans to splurge on a big meal now that the show is over?Christmas is coming up so I think I’m going to wait until then. At work, everybody is going to bring in a dish and I’m very excited to taste a little of everybody’s food. NBC