'Biggest Loser' 's Pink Team: Still Mad & Still Losing

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The competition heated up on the fourth week of Biggest Loser: Couples when the rules of battle changed. The Yellow team — exes Paul and Kelly — were pitted against the six remaining teams. To survive this one-against-all contest, Yellow had to pull a better weight loss percentage than its combined rivals. “The war is on,” Kelly announced. In the end, Yellow won, allowing them to send one team home and the kicked off Pink’s mother-daughter duo, Bette Sue Burkland, 53, and Ali Vincent, 32. Pink, previously voting to drop Yellow, turned red at the news, angrily vowing to be the biggest losers at home, rather than the ranch. Well, the hairstylists from Mesa, Ariz., are still losing: Bette Sue is down to 212 lbs. (from 261) and Ali now weighs 173 lbs. (down from 234). PEOPLE spoke with the Pink team, who were still fuming about their ouster. –Frank Swertlow

Here’s what they had to say:

You were very angry after you got ousted. What happened?Ali: It sucks. When we looked back at old shows, we watched how were playing the game and we didn’t have any alliances. Maybe that is why we are home and they all are at the ranch. Bette Sue: I was mad at Paul. I think it was a revenge vote. And I am mad at myself for not knowing how to play the game. I wished I had watched more of the show.

Are you still inspired to lose more weight?Bette Sue: This changed my life and who I am and my feeling about who I can be. It made me realize I can do anything. But there is nothing worse than the public humiliation at the finale. I looked at myself and wanted to run away. It put me into a funk at seeing this funky, ugly looking woman. It was gross. I am going to improve so I am not going to embarrass myself. I wish I was motivated by good health, but honestly public humiliation is motivating me. Ali: It reminded me who I am, who I can be, what I can be and that I can do it one step at a time. It is physically grueling but you do it. I can do what I want to do but the first step is losing the weight. I still want to be at the ranch and when I left, I still felt I was going to be the biggest loser. That is my personal goal and I am still chugging away at it and taking control of my life.

What are you doing physically to keep losing?Ali: I work out with a couple of trainers and I do cardio for two hours a day. I have three days off a week and I go on bike rides and hike and walk. I try to keep all my exercises fun so I am not bored. Bette Sue: Before I could do the treadmill for as long as a TV commercial. Now, I can go an hour straight. I can do push-ups. I can lift weights. I am doing squats with a 65-pound weight with a bar on my shoulder. I can really feel the muscle under the flab. I am feeling healthy.

How has your diet changed? Ali: I don’t eat as strictly as I did on the ranch, honestly, but before I used to eat out every meal and it was mostly fast food. I have not gone back to fast food restaurants but I do eat at Subway and at a pita place near me. I eat before I workout, using food as a fuel, depending on what I do. I keep to a 1,200-calorie diet and eat three 300-calorie meals with two 150-calorie snacks like string cheese, yogurt and almonds. The last thing I want to do is think I am depriving myself. That would drive me crazy.

Question: What did you learn the most about your partner on this show?Bette Sue: My daughter is the strongest willed girl I know. When she sets her mind to do something, she will do it. She is strong and she is disciplined. Ali: My mother would do anything for me and she put herself into a situation where she was scared, and she did it because she loved me. To go the Biggest Loser ranch was scary for her.

Question: What can you do now that you couldn’t do before? Bette Sue: I can walk with my little dog. I am so much more physical. I still do grandma things like crocheting, but I can take on so much more and just not mentally. I am going to float the Colorado River with my grandkids and jump out of an airplane. Ali: I can bend down easily and pick something off the ground. Whatever I was doing before, I was going in the wrong direction. I lost self-confidence and I quit dreaming about the choices I could get. Nobody can take that away from me know. I am dreaming big and I want big stuff. I am excited.

Question: How about Romance?Ali: I have a new girlfriend and she is a firefighter. The crowd I hang out with always thought I was beautiful. Now, they are happy to see my self confidence restored. Bette Sue: I have been married for four years now and I can’t believe my husband didn’t tell me how awful I was looking! He adores me. But the fire has been re-stoked… I am basically a newlywed.

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