By People Staff
January 28, 2010 12:00 AM

When The Biggest Loser‘s Green Team lost the least amount of weight — only 5 lbs. — at Tuesday’s dramatic weigh-in, the other teams were forced to deliberate on whether to send home Migdalia Sebren, the 28 year-old homemaker from Sanford, N.C., or her mother Miggy, 48. After pleading with her competitors to let her mom stay, Migdalia had to leave the Ranch. She spoke with reporters Wednesday about losing nearly 60 lbs., her emotional confrontation with Jillian Michaels and feeling like a winner — even if she’s not The Biggest Loser. –Nina Tyler

What was behind your plea to go home at the vote?My decision was based on my mom. I truly believe my mom needed to stay more than me. There were certain things that I worked through that week and I knew what I needed to work on and my mom had not hit that point.

You and Jillian did not see eye-to-eye. Did you ever have the emotional breakthrough that she wanted you to have?The way that she approached it was the wrong way. And to break through to my own things, I did it by myself. I’m a really cold person and I deal with my personal things on my own. That’s just everyday life — you choose to work through things. I’m doing it day by day.

Have you found working out to be hard since you’ve been back home?In the beginning it was a little bit rough, but now I actually enjoy it. I try to do a routine that I’ll actually have fun with it. I don’t go and do a workout just because I have to. To me that’s just harder. I do things that I like to do and I have fun with it.

Have the changes you’re making had an effect on your children?I’m almost a single parent. Since my husband is gone, I try to do everything with them. We go to the park and do things together. When I take them to ride their bikes, we all do it together. What works for me is that I started growing my own vegetables; my daughter helps me to cook so she eats the vegetables and everything is working well with that.

How much weight have you lost and how is your fitness progress going?Almost 60 pounds. I’m training for a half marathon that I’m going to do in March and I’m doing great.

You were eliminated, but do you still feel like a winner with the weight that you have lost?Everyday! I’m proud of myself for what I’m doing, regardless of what anybody else thinks. I’m losing weight every week and I’m doing it for me, not for anybody else. Yes, I feel like a winner everyday because I’m making the right decisions. I’m pretty motivated and I just want to live life. I appreciate every day when I get up, see the sun shine . . . I’m looking forward to what the future got for me.

Was this a positive experience for you? It was . . . everything has there ups and downs but at the end of it, yeah, it was a good experience. NBC