'Biggest Loser' 's Mandy Before & After Losing 90 Lbs.

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

In a selfless act of sisterly love, Mandi Kramer, 30, adjusted the vote so her younger sister, Aubrey Cheney, could remain on the Ranch. A tough competitor for the Blue Team, Mandi has already lost 90 lbs. and is fiercely working towards the $100,000 at-home prize in Boise, Idaho. She spoke to reporters about the effects of stress on weight loss, the differing training styles of Bob and Jillian and Filipe‘s big flip-out. — Rebecca Gross

How did you manage to gain two pounds in your last week on the Ranch?I really think it was stress. Your body’s cortisol level goes up, which holds the actual fat to your body. When you’re stressed out, you kind of bloat up a little bit and you don’t let your body relax and let your body lose weight. I honestly think I was stressed out.

We saw Filipe flip out at Jillian for ignoring him in the gym. Do you know if that was an oversight, or did Jillian intentionally exclude him from one-on-one training time?I think she did it intentionally. That’s only because that whole week and the week before, I was talking to Tara and Jillian’s whole plan was going to be to get rid of Filipe and I think he heard word of that and that’s what made him so mad in the first place. If anyone’s there playing the game, it’s Jillian the most … She really made him feel like an outsider.

Having had the experience of working out with both trainers, can you understand where Filipe and Sione were coming from in respect to their problems with Jillian and then switching back to train with Bob?Definitely. I love Jillian to death, but she has the aspect of you work hard for her so that she doesn’t break your fingers. With Bob, you work hard for him because you want to work hard for yourself.

Why did you sacrifice yourself at the elimination?I knew I had the will power inside to go home and do it. And I didn’t see that from Aubrey yet. I was still getting her out of bed in the mornings and bringing her to the gym with me and really trying to motivate her … I just thought that the longer she could stay there, the more it would develop in her brain that she needs to work out everyday and push herself. Her home with her five kids and husband is not going to be easy, so I was just hoping that would get ingrained in her before she left.

What has your routine been like since you’ve been home from the Ranch?I have two different trainers at home and I try to work out two to three hours a day. I usually take Sundays off to give my body a rest day. My hugest struggle since I’ve been home has been food and so trying to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth has been my number one problem. But I’m actually starting to get it down and do good. I only have eight weeks left before the finale. I’m really just cracking down and do the best I could.

Can you share some tips you’ve learned to help you with your struggle with your diet?I wasn’t drinking enough water and water is the main thing because it helps keep you full throughout the day. Also, writing down everything you eat. I would slack some days and not do that, so I really made it a goal to write down everything that I’m eating every single day to stay within a certain calorie range. Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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