Jill Carmen/NBC
November 16, 2010 11:30 AM

Tensions flared this week on The Biggest Loser after the remaining contestants were split into pairs and discovered that two ranchers faced elimination. After Lisa expressed her desire to go home, Frado and Aaron quarreled over the competition’s game-play. While Lisa and Elizabeth were expected to go, Aaron and Jesse were ultimately sent packing after Patrick voted against the duo in a surprise move. Jesse Atkins, 28, who is now down to 232 lbs., and Aaron Thompkins, 29, now at 328 lbs., spoke to reporters on about forgiving Patrick for his betrayal, strategy on the BL Ranch and why losing weight means more than hitting a number.

Jesse, what is your relationship like with Patrick today?
Jesse: Our friendship today is pretty well summed up by the end of our conversation, which is where I told him I think [there are] two signs of quality traits in a person. One is somebody that can own up to and apologize for something stupid and not make excuses but really say, “I screwed up.” On the flip side, somebody that can forgive a friend for having done something that was a hasty decision or a stupid decision [who] can apologize or forgive them and move on. I think he and I both displayed those qualities in our conversation and we were able to basically say, “Let’s go back to being really friends.

How do you feel about Lisa not wanting to be at the Ranch and you being sent home?
Aaron: She just didn’t explain it clear enough to everyone. She wanted to [be there] for her daughter. She just wanted to be in an environment where it was all about being positive and doing it for your family, for your kids, for that higher purpose. She was just expressing herself and I think she just didn’t do it in a way that a lot of people can understand.
Jesse: My frustration, I don’t think, was as much with Lisa, as it was with other people. When it came down to somebody saying they wished to go home and somebody else saying they wished to stay and [the others] keeping the people that wish to go home simply because that improved their chances of moving on in the game, at the time frustrated me.

Both of you have done a great job of keeping the weight off since leaving the show. What’s your goal?
Jesse: When people have asked me what my goal is for the finale, I think they always mean what’s your goal weight. But lately my answer for the finale has nothing to do with a number. My goal is still two fold. It’s one, to look damn good, and two, to be the most charming guy in the room.
Aaron: I always said I want to be down to 225. I just picked this number, and I realize now it’s not even about that. What I mainly want to do is look good in the clothes. If I could not weigh myself, that would be awesome. If I could just buy a medium shirt or a large shirt and gauge myself on how it’s fitting that week, then that’s how I would do it.

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