February 15, 2011 11:30 AM

Just one week after his wife Larialmy sacrificed herself to save him, Jaquin “Q” Allen was sent home on The Biggest Loser.

The somewhat surprising vote, which would have been a forgone conclusion had it not been for a team shuffle earlier in the week, took Allen home to South Carolina, where Larialmy continues her weight-loss journey.

“She didn’t shun me,” Allen – who has lost 100 lbs. since joining the show at 437 lbs. – told reporters after his earlier-than-anticipated elimination aired. “I don’t feel like I let her down at all.”

Allen, 27, compares his time with the “Unknowns” to “Disneyland for fat people,” but he admits that at times he was “slacking off.”

“I wish that I would have went into week one with that drive that everyone else had,” Allen said. “I wish I could have left all my personal business at home.”

Being away from his three-year-old son was hard for Allen, but “as time went on I started to realize that I [was] doing this for him,” he said. “I can’t wait to be able to go and chase him around in [the park]. I want to be able to outrun him. I want to be able to tire him out.”

With his son in mind, Allen arrived home from the Ranch prepared to tackle not only his physical issues but his emotional ones as well. This includes coming to terms with that fact that he and his wife “enabled each other in the worst way,” he said.

“We came home with the understanding that even though we’re a married couple, we have to do this for ourselves,” Allen said. “If I can’t make me happy, how can I make [her] happy?”

Another question Allen had to ask himself is how to fit in working out with his “hectic schedule” at home? He credits the “Unknown” trainers, Brett and Cara, for showing him how to do a “slow burn” workout.

“We developed a way where we can work out for three to four hours a day,” he says, “instead of the eight hours that most people on the Ranch [do] and burn the exact same calories.”

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