'Biggest Loser' 's Jackie: I Am Not That Fat Girl Anymore

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In a strategic play that had nothing to do with weight loss, Biggest Loser: Couples‘ Blue Team stiff-armed Jackie Evans, the 49-year-old hard-boiled mom from Frankfort, Ill., sending her packing on Tuesday’s episode. As the tenth contestant dumped from the show, she leaves her son Dan an orphan on the ranch.

The mother and son team, surprisingly competitive throughout her stay, were stunned when members of their Blue Team, who had just lost the weight loss battle to the underdog Black Team, dumped her instead of Trent Patterson. Jackie thought she had arranged the departure of Trent, whom she said was homesick. Instead, the brothers Mark and Jay joined forces with Trent and Roger, the high school football pals, and blackballed Jackie. “Mark and Jay swore on their children’s lives that they would not vote me or Dan off,” Jackie said.

But Jackie is still a winner. To date, she has lost 100 lbs. — 70 on the ranch and 30 since she went home. She now weighs in at less than 176 lbs. PEOPLE caught up with her to see how she’s doing it:

How do you feel about your son Dan competing without his mom?I always felt responsible for his weight gains. Like so many moms today, I had two kids and you would be taking them to piano lessons and guitar lessons and athletic practices and when we went out the door, we would eat fast food. It became a lifestyle even when he got older and the fast food regimen continued. His mom helped him accumulate his weight.

Are you keeping up with your workout schedule?I workout twice a day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. I use a gym and its boot camp program and then a trainer. I do cardio and I swim 30 laps. It’s a lot of time but I realize that in all of my life, the one thing I did was put my health on the bottom of the list. We all have goals and dreams and the fatter I got, the more I saw my dreams going out the door. I had no energy for anything in my life. Now, I know my life has to be built around my life and my health. Competitive are like workaholics and I have always fallen into that theory — work was my priority. I finally said, “Now wait a second. I am better off having my health and my fitness.”

How are your eating habits these days?I eat organic — like eggs without hormones and milk with no hormones. If I go to someone’s house for dinner, I’ll say no I cannot eat that. I pre-make my meals every week and I take food with me. I won’t cook one chicken breast, I’ll cook 12 of them and I’ll eat one with a salad. If I choose to eat out, I’ll never eat fast food. Never!

So what is a typical day for you in terms of what you eat?I start breakfast 30 minutes after I get up and I’ll have a cup of a natural bran cereal and half a cup of berries with three-quarters of a cup of non-fat milk. I’ll then have one egg, which I fry in a pan with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or I might boil an egg. I’ll have a snack before lunch — usually 10 almonds and a piece of fruit. Lunch would be a chicken breast and a salad. The afternoon snack is non-fat yogurt and berries. Dinner would be a lot of steamed vegetables and some protein — like four-ounces of very lean meet or six-ounces of fish. No dessert at all times. Sometimes I might have a snack after dinner, maybe 10 almonds or two eggs, before I go to bed. I eat no carbs… Before being on the ranch, I would eat popcorn.

What can you do now that you could not do before being on The Biggest Loser?When I would go to one store or to the mall, my back would kill me with those tile floors. Now I can shop without pain. I don’t think twice about doing stuff. If needed to clean out my closets in the past, I didn’t have the energy. I would have to ask my husband for help. Now if I go to the airport and go into the baggage claim area, I dart out to get the bags. Before I couldn’t, and I would let my husband carry it all. I am jumping into life now and doing things. On the plane, I can sit into the seats. Before, I used to have to put my fat under the arms of the seats to sit down.

Have you been shopping for clothes?It is so much fun. I used to be a size 22. I didn’t care about clothes. I just thought of them as being body covering. Now, I am a size 12 and I can go into regular stores where I have so many choices

How has your romantic life been affected by being on the show?My husband and I have been married for 33 years and we have never been apart that long. When we were young, we were madly in love and by my being away for 10 weeks rekindled a friendship and fresh love. We didn’t realize how much we appreciated and missed each other… This has been good for our relationship.

How does he like your new figure?He loves it! I love it too. When I walk by a mirror I do a double take. I say to myself, you are not that fat girl any more. –Frank Swertlow

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Dave Bjerke/NBC

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