The tears flowed during episode two of The Biggest Loser: Couples and not just when the Brown Team’s Mallory and Curtis Bray were eliminated. The couple sobbed in the Hall of Truth, they sobbed after the Rewards Challenge and they sobbed when they phoned home. In fact, the Brays cried a total of 11 times! But their biggest test came when they faced the tasty treats of the Temptation Challenge and the $5,000 reward for the biggest binge. (Mallory munched on chocolate candies, which may have cost her at weigh-in the next day.)

PEOPLE caught up with the Brays after their elimination and talked about the impact the show had on their lives, how they deal with temptation without cameras around and to find out if they’re still losing weight. –Frank Swertlow

How are you both doing?Curtis: We are still losing but we are not there yet. I lost 95 pounds from the beginning of the show until now. You get up in the morning and have an agenda and have to be motivated. I have become accustomed to making an effort every day. Mallory: I lost 40 pounds from the beginning of the show. You have to expect that it is not going to come off easily. You have to exercise.

How do you act as a team in this battle?Curtis: Mallory and I challenged each other; I don’t want to let her down; and she doesn’t want to let me down. Mallory: We go grocery shopping together. We get fruits and vegetables. There is no junk coming into the house so there are no temptations. That doesn’t happen. It is a clean slate and I am very supportive to him. We respect each other’s time to allow each other to exercise.

What do your workouts consist of?Curtis: Two hours a day of cardio — Stairmaster, the elliptical, the treadmill and cycling — and every other day weight training — my legs, my abs, my chest and my shoulders. Mallory: I do two hours a day on the treadmill, the elliptical or a combination of the both. At home, I’ll pick up a dumb bell or be on the exercise ball or do abs while watching TV.

What did you learn the most about yourself during the show?Mallory: I can do anything. Don’t say, you can’t, just try. There have been so many challenges like it would take two hours to do a mile or I can’t stay on treadmill that long. I can do more now. I keep trying and trying. Curtis: I am definitely more important than I thought I was. I thought a lot less of myself coming into the show. I know now I should have been more important to myself.

How do you deal with temptation now?Curtis: We don’t have any. It is not an option. The end result is so important. So why have super nachos with extra cheese? Mallory: It is easy to drive by fast food restaurant — it’s a negative; it’s a punishment. That eliminated the temptation.

What eating habits have you changed?Curtis: No salt, no white bread, no white rice, no white flour. Everything is organic. If we eat meat it is organic. We are label watchers. We look at the number of calories and the amount of fat. It’s a huge change.

What are the little things you can do now that you couldn’t do before because of your weight?Curtis: I don’t have to sit down to tie my shoes. I can go into a turnstile and not have to turn. Mallory: We can sit side by side in the movie theater without overlapping. We used to have to sit apart.